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10+ magical Christmas wallpapers for Windows 10 [HD, 4K]

Christmas is the most magical time of year, and there are so many things to do. If you’re looking for Christmas wallpapers that will put your desktop in a festive mood this season, look no further than here!

The “xmas screen wallpaper” is a set of 10+ magical Christmas wallpapers for Windows 10. The wallpapers are high resolution, and they are all in 4K.


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2nd of December, 2021

Date published: December 2020



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Christmas is almost coming, and everyone is getting into the spirit of the season. Now is the ideal time to dress up your Windows 10 desktop with festive wallpapers.

From iconic Santa Claus photos and cheery reindeer to humorous elves, there are Christmas wallpapers to suit every taste.

Many PC users have already installed their favorite Christmas wallpapers, and we’ve compiled a list of the greatest Christmas wallpaper resources for you to utilize to deck your halls.


This website is, without a doubt, the most liberal source of Christmas wallpaper presently accessible. To decorate your desktop, there are over 2500 Christmas wallpapers to select from.

As a consequence, picking just one wallpaper is really challenging. All of the Christmas desktop backgrounds for Windows 10 that are featured are stunning and imaginative.

Using a new picture every day is really the best strategy. If you don’t trust us, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

AlphaCoders wallpapers are available for download.


The free Microsoft Christmas wallpaper collection is your best option if you want to download this year’s Christmas wallpapers from the Microsoft Store.

These wallpapers are available for PC, HoloLens, and smartphones. You may select from a large range of wallpapers, including Christmas ornament wallpapers and lovely winter landscape photos.

Furthermore, owing to the incorporated Share feature, you don’t have to keep them all to yourself when you can easily share them through SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks by just hitting a button.

Free Christmas wallpapers are available to download.


If you’re looking for a large choice of high-resolution Christmas wallpapers, look no further.

There are hundreds of Christmas Love wallpapers to pick from, all of which may be saved to an SDcard for later use.

If you prefer not to keep things to yourself, feel free to share all photographs with others or even put them as a Lock Screen to get the most enjoyment out of them.

Christmas HD wallpapers are available for download.


You may use over 150 contemporary and traditional Christmas desktop backgrounds from HD Wallpapers right now.

Amazing Christmas photographs, such as winter landscapes, as well as humorous images, such as monkeys dressed in Santa hats, are waiting for you.

Download high-definition wallpapers


The Holiday Spot is another great wallpaper resource. This website has a large number of Christmas wallpapers that you may edit to fit your screen.

You’ll discover the perfect wallpaper for your widescreen, laptop, tablet, or other Windows 10 device. Simply go through the available wallpapers and save the ones you prefer.

Wallpapers from The Holiday Spot are available for download.


We suggest looking for the greatest 4K wallpapers if you want to add crystal-clear Christmas wallpapers to your Windows 10 PC screen.

These bright wallpapers will bring a grin to your face and will look great on your desktop. Browse the selection of wallpapers and save a few or all of them to your computer.

4K Christmas wallpapers are available for download.


Counting down the days till Christmas is a Winter custom in and of itself. You may now take part in it using your Windows mobile smartphone.

You may use the timer as a wallpaper or as a screensaver. It displays the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds to Christmas. You’ll constantly be reminded in real time.

The software is quite light and will undoubtedly put you in the holiday mood. You may pick from a variety of countdown designs, as well as wallpapers themed specifically for the winter holidays.

Christmas Countdown Wallpaper is absolutely free, and it also includes a large number of lovely Christmas tunes that may be used as ringtones.

Christmas Countdown Wallpaper may be downloaded here.


This package includes a wonderful collection of festive wallpapers that you can use to create your own own Christmas theme. It is a lovely Christmas tree scene that nicely encapsulates the warmth that the holidays offer to the winter season.

With the many HD wallpapers available, you may create a Christmas tree slideshow and give your desktop a whole new festive appearance.

Winter landscape wallpapers, Christmas sweets and presents photos, Santa Claus wallpapers, and more are included in the collection.

To make your own Christmas theme, just download the package and utilize the Windows customization options to pick the images you wish to use.

All of the backdrops are in high definition. Starting with Windows 7, the package is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Themepack Christmas Theme is available for download.


For the cold and gloomy winter, Christmas is the bringer of light and warmth. With the lanterns lighting up the white snow, this stunning backdrop wonderfully captures this.

It’s a fantastic, timeless option that works well in any situation. It looks professional enough to use on a business computer, but it also works well as a personal backdrop.

If you have a certain sort of wallpaper in mind, you’ll be pleased to learn that Wallpaperaccess has a large selection to choose from.

It includes hundreds of Christmas and winter-themed backdrops that you may use to personalize your PC to your liking.

You may create a color-themed slideshow by using backdrops that are mostly blue. This will produce a wonderful and consistent winter motif, likely setting the tone for the holidays.

Festive photographs of children’s characters, scenic images, decoration macros, and minimalistic Christmas themes backdrops are all included in the collection.

Other comparable backdrop collections available on the internet include a Christmas Tree collection, a Red Christmas Collection, and a Cool Christmas Desktop collection. 

Wallpaperacces Christmas Widescreen Wallpapers are available for download.


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This is the ideal blend of beautiful and simple design. The wallpaper’s glowy tones put you in the festive mood while being quite clean.

If you have a lot of desktop widgets and icons and don’t want a cluttered backdrop, this is a good option.

Christmas backdrops are also available on Wallpapersafari in a variety of styles. Furthermore, if you want to match the background picture on your PC with the one on your smartphone, this website will undoubtedly assist you since it provides backgrounds for desktop, laptop, and mobile.

Each picture is available in a variety of sizes, so you won’t have to bother about resizing it to match your device.

There are magnificent snow landscapes as well as cheery backdrops with enchanting Christmas critters and characters in the collection.

It’s another excellent resource for combining numerous backgrounds to create a delightful customised presentation.

Wallpapersafari Christmas Wallpapers may be downloaded for free.


This Christmas decoration wallpaper is another wonderful option for those of you who seek a tidy workstation. In general, detail or macro backdrops are the way to go if you want to keep things simple.

In contrast to the other options, this picture adds more color and liveliness while remaining unobtrusive.

Unsplash is one of the greatest places to go if you want a high-quality backdrop picture. It may not have as many alternatives as some of the other sites on the list, but it only offers the best backdrops, so you won’t have to browse for hours to discover your favorite.

The Christmas wallpaper collection has been hand-picked to include only the finest images. Each photograph in this collection is of the finest quality in terms of composition and resolution, as you will see.

This is another excellent resource for both mobile and desktop users. The wallpapers are appropriate for a variety of holiday sub-themes, including Christmas with the family, Christmas decorating macros, Christmas trees, and so on.

Unsplash Christmas Wallpapers are available for download.


This 1000750 Wallpaperhouse wallpaper is a bolder pick that shouts “it’s the season.” You get the whole shebang: a beautifully adorned Christmas tree set in a snow-covered fantasy realm.

This is another another selected selection of Christmas desktop backgrounds. The wallpapers on this page have a more traditional Christmas style, with pictures that are highly brilliant, colorful, and sparkly.

There are two types of photographs in this gallery: comfortable Christmas inside pictures and spectacular winter scenery. In terms of aesthetic, you’ll discover both realistic wallpapers and ones that trend more toward classic painting techniques.

This collection’s wallpapers are all available for free. You may test out a few different alternatives to find which one works best with your device.

Christmas Wallpapers from Wallpapperhouse


Another fantastic illustration of how the Christmas spirit pulls people together and motivates them to provide warmth to one another in the middle of the bitter cold is this.

You’ll also discover an extensive range of diverse wallpaper styles in the Wallpapercave gallery, ranging from incredibly bright and colorful photos to more minimalistic Christmas themes.

Other holiday-themed collections may be found on the website, and you can use the built-in search option to locate a more particular backdrop using keywords.

All of the backgrounds on this page are for your desktop, but their sizes vary, so be sure to choose one that fits your screen.

Wallpapercave’s Christmas wallpapers are available for download.


A warm and pleasant holiday-decorated house is a setting that will put anybody, of any age, in the Christmas mood.

The sight of elegantly wrapped presents waiting to be unwrapped may quickly transport you back to your youth.

This is a classic artwork that works well as a backdrop during the Christmas season. It’s both traditional and complicated, and it’s a fantastic option if your desktop is well-organized and there aren’t too many icons. Otherwise, it can be a little excessive.

Another vast variety of high-quality Christmas backdrops is available at Walppaperflare. You’ll also discover other Santa backdrops and winter sceneries in addition to the above-mentioned image.

Wallpaperflare’s Christmas backgrounds are free to download.


If you’re a Disney lover, the free Mickey Mouse Christmas wallpapers offered on Wallpaper Mania are sure to please.

The lovely Disney castle, surrounded by angels, elves, and snowmen, will undoubtedly transport you to a happier time of year. In the Wallpaper Mania collection, you’ll find a number of comparable backdrops.

Even more classic personalities experiencing the Christmas spirit may be seen in this collection. The majority of the photographs offered have a bright and cheerful tone to them.

There are also several backdrops with Christmas trees, winter landscapes, and Santa Claus in the collection. All of the backdrops are in high definition and available in a variety of sizes, so double-check the quality before downloading.

Download Christmas wallpapers from Wallpaper Mania.


The jingle bell is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and instantly identifiable instruments that conjures up images of Christmas.

This simplistic backdrop will remind you of your favorite Christmas tunes and carols with its warm red and golden tones. It’s another another excellent option for individuals who want to keep things simple.

Wallpaperbat offers a diverse selection of 4K and HD Christmas wallpapers in a variety of sizes. Make care to read each image’s caption to determine whether it will fit on your screen.

Because there are so many backdrops that go nicely together, you may be creative and design your own slideshow using the tools offered here.

Walpaperbat Christmas desktop wallpapers are available for download.


Peanuts is another renowned cartoon that brought us Snoopy and Charlie Brown, one of the finest duos of all time. When you get these two in the Christmas mood, you’ve got a cute backdrop for kids of all ages.

Wallpaper Puppy provides a big collection of Christmas backgrounds in a variety of styles and sizes to help you decorate your desktop for the holidays.

Other Peanuts Christmas backdrops, as well as other cartoon and fairy tale characters, may be found. You should definitely give it a try if you have the time to look around.

All of the photographs are high-resolution, and you may share them on your preferred social networking site using the share buttons.

Wallpaperdog’s Christmas wallpapers are available for download.

So there you have it; we’re certain that these wallpaper resources will make your Christmas even brighter. Tell us which one you choose in the comments section below.

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