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6 Best Laptops For English Majors – Ultimate Guide

As a college student, you’re always on the move. From dorms to the library to the dining hall, you’re on the move. You’re on the move not only to complete schoolwork, but also to complete all of your extracurricular activities. If you’re on the move more than you’re at home, it’s easy to forget to take your laptop with you. If you are that busy college student, then you probably need a laptop that’s on the move. It’s the perfect companion to the busy college student.

This guide has been written to help those who are going to study in the college of computer science. It will provide you with a list of best laptops to buy under a budget. We hope this guide will help you in your studies.

Laptops have become a standard part of our daily lives. Along with smartphones, they come as handy as they can be as we go about our work and personal lives. Recently, as laptops have increased in popularity, they have increased in price as well. From the best laptop models for college, to the best laptops for business, to the best laptops for gaming, these laptops cover many different scenarios and needs. With this guide, I will discuss the best laptops for you and your specific needs.

There’s a lot that goes into finding a new laptop to purchase. Some computers are better than others for specific tasks.

At the same time, there are so many options that it’s tough to decide which is the finest.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the finest laptops that meet the English major’s requirements. Experts have evaluated the best laptops for English majors.

Which Laptops Are Best For English Majors?

What You Should Know About The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Slim, strong, and long-lasting battery.

A popular option for students.

A cheap laptop with a lot of power.



What You Should Know About The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Slim, strong, and long-lasting battery.



What You Should Know About The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

A popular option for students.



What You Should Know About The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

A cheap laptop with a lot of power.

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Review of the Best Laptops for English Majors

➕ Pros

  • Performance that is quick
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent keyboard.
  • Long-lasting battery

➖ Cons

  • Magnet for fingerprints
  • Quite costly

Intel Core i7 processor | Intel HD Graphics | 16GB RAM | 14-inch WUXGA (1920 x 1200) display | 512GB SSD storage

The LG Gram 14 is a superb ultrabook laptop that puts the competition to shame. It’s one of the lightest laptops on the market, weighing just 0.8 pounds.

You’ll quickly forget about the LG Gram in your bag. Ultrabooks aren’t renowned for their performance when it comes to computing.

The LG Gram, on the other hand, is very quick. The LG Gram’s performance is crazy for an ultrabook, thanks to an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and an M.2 NVME 512GB SSD.

It will swiftly boot up, load and start programs, and you will be able to open several Google Chrome tabs for research without it freezing — it is the ideal productivity laptop.

In addition, the battery life is amazing, lasting an average of 12 hours under constant usage. This makes it ideal for taking to lectures or when you won’t be near a power source for an extended period of time.

Typing will be a daily job for an English major. A keyboard may have a good or negative impact. The LG Gram’s keyboard, on the other hand, makes a significant impact.

The layout is excellent, and the keys have sufficient travel to make it feel like typing on a keyboard.

Overall, the LG Gram is an ultrabook that comes close to being ideal. Performance that is quick, extended battery life, low weight, and a great keyboard are all features of this laptop.

It is the finest laptop for English majors, according to us.

➕ Pros

  • Outstanding performance
  • Battery life is insanely lengthy.
  • The display is bright and vivid.
  • Magic Keyboard that is easy to use

➖ Cons

  • There are just two Thunderbolt ports. A USB dongle is required.
  • Pricey

Apple M1 processor | Integrated graphics | 16GB RAM | 13.3-inch screen | 512GB SSD storage

The Apple MacBook Pro, Apple’s top-of-the-line notebook, is a popular option among students pursuing their degrees.

A powerful laptop with the M1 processor and 16GB of RAM. The Apple MacBook Pro is capable of running demanding programs and multitasking.

Furthermore, the 512GB SSD is a lightning-fast storage device that will rapidly boot up the MacBook Pro and run apps.

The stereo speakers are likewise excellent and superior than the competitors.

You have a gorgeous Retina display with a great resolution when it comes to the display. It’s clear, bright, and offers a wide range of viewing angles.

The Apple MacBook Pro’s greatest asset is its battery life. Because Apple created the Apple M1 chip.

LG has done a fantastic job at balancing power and efficiency. The end result is a 12-hour battery life when used consistently. This makes it ideal for taking to class or other locations without access to electricity.

Furthermore, due to its aluminum unibody construction, it boasts excellent build quality. It has a sturdy structure that will endure for a long time.

One of the MacBook Pro’s main flaws is the absence of standard USB connectors. Only two Thunderbolt connections are available, and regular USB connectors need the use of a USB dongle.

Apart from that, the Apple MacBook Pro is still the finest MacBook for English students. It’s a great choice to consider because of its excellent performance, all-day battery life, gorgeous display, and amazing speakers.

➕ Pros

  • ­Lightweight
  • Fast performance
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Stunning exhibition

Intel Core i7 processor | Intel HD Graphics | 16GB RAM | 13.4-inch UHD+ (3840 x 2400) display | 1TB SSD storage

The ultraportable laptop king. The Dell XPS 13 is extremely simple to carry because to its design, slimness, and light weight. It’s easy to lose track of it in your bag.

Aside from its ultra-portability, it comes with a slew of features that make it an excellent purchase. The first is the breathtaking spectacle.

A bright, crisp, and stunning 13.4-inch UHD+ display. Everything – movies, photos, and so on – will appear stunning on the display. In addition, the display is bright enough to be utilized outside without difficulty.

However, a laptop with such a display comes at a price, and that price is a reduction in battery life. Under normal usage and medium brightness, the Dell XPS 13 lasts 9-10 hours on average.

The battery life would have exceeded 12 hours if the display had been full HD+. Even so, it’s very remarkable and more than sufficient for a full day’s work and lectures.

When it comes to performance, it’s lightning quick. The laptop will rapidly load and launch apps, run several apps in the background, and open a large number of Google Chrome tabs without stalling.

It’s all due to the Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and lightning-fast SSD storage. When it comes to this laptop, you won’t have any performance issues.

In terms of connector choices, the Dell XPS 13 lacks standard USB connections and solely offers Thunderbolt ports. This necessitates the purchase of a dongle in order to use standard USB ports.

Overall, the Dell XPS 13 is an excellent laptop that offers exceptional value and performance. Dell done a fantastic job with this ultraportable laptop.

➕ Pros

  • Typing position is improved by the ErgoLift design.
  • Touchscreen trackpad with a twist
  • Battery life is adequate.
  • Touchscreen display with a wide field of view
  • A wide range of ports are available.

➖ Cons

  • There is some bloatware.
  • When typing, there isn’t enough room to rest your hands.

Processor: Intel Core i7 | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX450 | RAM: 8–16GB | Display: 14-inch Wide-View Full HD Display | Storage: 512GB SSD

Another excellent laptop for English students. The Asus Zenbook 14 is a fantastic value for money laptop with a slew of advantages and features.

Aluminium body and thin bezel display combine to create a stunning appearance. You’ll also get your hands on a 14-inch laptop that’s both small and light.

The laptop’s display is excellent. A bright, crisp, and color-accurate 14-inch thin bezel (NanoEdge) display. NanoEdge bezels are responsible for the laptop’s 92 percent screen-to-body ratio. Isn’t it incredible?

The new ScreenPad 2.0 — a clever touchpad that serves as a secondary touchscreen – is another outstanding feature.

Because it offers so many helpful shortcuts and functions, the ScreenPad 2.0 is a pleasure to use.

The Asus ZenBook will certainly amaze you in terms of performance. It is powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU and a discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX450 graphics card.

On this laptop, doing graphics-intensive activities and light gaming should be a breeze.

The Asus ZenBook 14’s keyboard is really pleasant to type on, and you’ll find yourself typing quickly. However, since there isn’t enough room for your hands to rest, you may get typing fatigue.

The ZenBook 14 is said to have a battery life of up to 12 hours, according to Asus. Although not exact, the ASUS ZenBook lasts an average of 10 hours when used regularly.

To summarize, the ASUS ZenBook 14 is a fantastic laptop that offers excellent value. This is one of the finest laptops for English majors, in our opinion.

➕ Pros

  • Quiet
  • Longer-than-average battery life
  • Performance that is above average
  • Design is simple and elegant.

➖ Cons

  • Color reproduction that isn’t correct

CPU: Intel Core i7 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics | RAM: 12GB | Display: 15.6-inch Full HD Wide-View Display | Storage: 512GB SSD

A great laptop at an even better bargain. The Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is a cheap laptop with a lot of features and offers excellent value for money.

It’s small enough to take to lectures, yet the build is sturdy enough to survive some knocks and bruises.

The battery life is very excellent, lasting 9-10 hours at maximum brightness. If you’re searching for a low-cost, lightweight device with a long battery life, look no further.

If that’s the case, this is the laptop for you. The Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is a quick laptop thanks to its Intel Core i7 processor, 12GB RAM, and speedy SSD storage.

Multitasking will be effortless, and apps will load quickly. As a result, performance isn’t a problem. Furthermore, even while under high demand, the laptop remains cool.

The display, on the other hand, is bright, crisp, and offers excellent viewing angles.

However, color fidelity isn’t excellent, and certain hues may seem to be wrong. It won’t affect you unless your job needs color fidelity, and it’s not so awful to put you off.

Aside from that, the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is an excellent notebook that offers a lot of value for the money. If you don’t want to break the bank, this is a good alternative to explore.

➕ Pros

  • Battery life is excellent.
  • Graphics are good.
  • Excellent computer performance
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Its design is compact and portable.
  • Fantastic keyboard

➖ Cons

  • IPS display with a dark background
  • Webcam is terrible.

RAM: 8 GB | Screen: 14-inch Full HD IPS Display | Storage: 512GB SSD CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 | Graphics: Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics | RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 8

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a strong laptop to help you with your English studies, the Acer Swift 3 is the ideal option.

The Acer Swift 3 may not be perfect in every way, but it is a solid performer. It has an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU with a 4.1GHz clock speed.

It features integrated AMD Radeon graphics, which are very amazing, in addition to the tremendous processing capability. You may play games in your spare time using this graphics card.

The display on this laptop isn’t fantastic, but it’s adequate for everyday usage.

We’re talking about a 14-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Because the viewing angles are poor, you’ll need to sit near to the screen.

This mid-range laptop features a 512GB PCIe NVME SSD and 8GB of RAM. At the very least, you’ll be able to multitask without delays or stutters.

In comparison to its rivals, the Swift 3’s battery life is very impressive. You should expect a battery life of at least 10 to 11 hours.

When it comes to finding the best laptop for English majors on a budget, this is a great choice.

The Best Laptop For English Majors: A Buyer’s Guide


In laptops, Intel Core i5 or i7 processors are highly recommended. These are high-end CPUs with a large amount of processing power.

AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 is highly recommended for the AMD family. Many difficult programs will be ripped apart by high-performance multicore CPUs with powerful integrated graphics cards.

Life of the Batteries

It is strongly suggested to use for at least 8 hours on a regular basis. This article will teach you how to determine a laptop’s battery life without having to purchase one, watch videos, or read reviews.


A laptop should contain at least 8GB of RAM, with 16GB being the optimum quantity. The more RAM a laptop has, the simpler it is to multitask and run programs.


SSD storage of at least 512GB is strongly recommended. You have a fast storage drive that allows you to rapidly boot up your laptop and run apps. There’s also plenty of room to store your study supplies.

Last Thoughts

The laptops on this list are affordable and provide enough performance for your academics. If you didn’t discover something that appealed to you.

Before you purchase a laptop, our mini-guide will help you understand which features are essential and what criteria they must fulfill.

That concludes our list of the finest laptops for English majors.

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