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CM Locker App for PC

With the rise of mobile apps, PC games have been losing their audience. However, there are still many people who play on a regular basis and want to stay connected with friends without having to install an app on each device they own. In response, CM developed a system that allows players from any platform or programmable console to access one another’s worlds!

The “lockscreen” is a feature on the CM Locker App for PC. It allows users to customize their lockscreen with different widgets.


CM Locker for PC – Free Download for Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Vista, and Laptop

Many smartphone users value their privacy. Yes, this is crucial. If you have sensitive data or files on your smartphone, you should lock the screen to prevent others from accessing them.

To do so, you’ll need a solid app that can assist you lock your phone’s screen.


The CM Locker software is a sophisticated screen locker that has been modified to provide you optimum protection. This software includes free HD themes and wallpapers that are tailored to your preferences.


Any intruder who enters a bad password will be photographed by this sophisticated program. He or she will be found out. You can quickly find your misplaced gadget once again. You can lock it from afar…

Installing CM Locker On Your PC – Free Download For Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Vista, and Laptop

  • Go to the Google Play Store by clicking on the icon.1632867462_81_CM-Locker-App-for-PC
  • Sign in using your Gmail credentials in the window that displays.1632867463_951_CM-Locker-App-for-PC
  • The Google Play Store will load just as it does on your phone as soon as you sign in.1632867464_746_CM-Locker-App-for-PC
  • Find the search box in the top right corner of the Blur Image Background Editor and enter in the app’s name to find it.

Wait for the download to complete before clicking on it.


Click here to get the CM Locker App on your PC.


Read more about CM Locker’s other unique features.

CM Locker’s features and functionalities

  • There are weather predictions on it. This is a fantastic feature! It prepares you by providing precise weather predictions on an hourly, 5-day, and 10-day basis. You may always modify your location to obtain the latest weather information.
  • It may be customized. This useful screen lock software includes HD wallpapers, password modes, and themes. You may use them to quickly and easily construct the screen lock you want. It features a function that changes the background every day. Every day, you may try something new.
  • With the camera shortcut, you may navigate quickly. This function enables CM Locker users to take photographs quickly. You’ll never have to miss those ideal moments that you want to remember right away.
  • There is a function called Music Control. Music playback may be completely controlled by the user. This may be done right from the lock screen.
  • The notification reminder and rapid reply features are included in CM Locker. You may respond to all types of messages and communicate with pals right from the lock screen. It enables you to conceal the contents of a communication. New messages may be accessed fast.
  • You can utilize certain useful features without unlocking your phone’s screen. Calculator, brightness, recent applications, flashlight, and others are among them.

One of the reasons CM Locker is so popular is because it is very efficient. It is user-friendly and safe to use. Join the winning squad now. Get your hands on a copy right now. Take advantage of your solitude.