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Exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm will end soon

Microsoft will soon end its exclusive deal with Qualcomm. I say “soon” because Microsoft is likely to announce the new hardware and software partners they’ll partner exclusively with in 2019 at CES next month.

The “qualcomm stock price” is a company that has been in the news lately. Qualcomm, which is a major smartphone manufacturer, will soon be releasing their next generation of Snapdragon processors. The exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm will end soon.

Exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm will end soon


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  • Microsoft and Qualcomm’s partnership is slated to come to an end shortly, although no dates have been announced.
  • Samsung and AMD have collaborated on graphics for Exynos processors.
  • Boot Camp isn’t supported by Apple devices, making it impossible for them to boot into Windows.


If you’ve ever used Windows on ARM, you’re well aware of the space constraints it imposes. Windows is only available on a few ARM devices, and they all use Qualcomm processors.

As a result, it’s easy to see why Microsoft and Qualcomm have formed a partnership. This partnership, however, is going to come to an abrupt end, according to XDA developers. There is no indication of when the connection began or when it will end.

As a result, if these reports are true, we should expect to see a lot more ARM-based Windows devices.

Samsung, for example, could be interested in Windows ARM. This is because of this specific maneuver. Furthermore, the business already makes Windows laptops and has a graphics partnership with AMD for Exynos CPUs. 

Exynos chipsets for ARM-based Windows

The company’s next step would be to integrate Exynos into its laptop design. Last week, MediaTek made a statement about their plans to start developing an ARM-based chipset for Windows.

This approach may also benefit ARM-based Windows on Apple’s M-series processors. Apple’s vice president previously said that getting Windows on ARM onto the next Mac laptops was up to Microsoft.

Apple is acquiring Windows.

Apple, on the other hand, does not support Boot Camp. Making it harder for users with M-series CPUs to boot Windows on their Mac computers.

This leaves Parallels and other virtualization software as one of the remaining options for getting Windows onto Macs. 

Finally, the Qualcomm analysis suggests that Windows on ARM may finally be open to greater competition and innovation. Nonetheless, Windows on ARM suffers a number of difficulties.

However, if there were more ARM processors for Windows devices and more Windows on ARM, things would be a lot better. As a result, developers will be able to improve the Windows ARM experience more easily and quickly. 

Manufacturers will thus be forced to build better chips in order to get a competitive advantage.

To be honest, Windows on ARM has progressed a long way. When compared to Windows on Intel or AMD x86 processors, it does seem inferior.

To be honest, Windows on ARM has gone a long way, but it still seems weak in comparison to Windows on Intel or AMD’s x86 CPUs in most circumstances.

Are you looking forward to seeing Windows on ARM for the first time? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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