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How To Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen in 2020

The gaming industry has seen a massive shift in past years with the advent to mobile, but it’s still widely held that consoles are superior. The question is whether or not this will remain true when more people start turning towards PCs and laptops. Technology developments like desktop virtual reality could alter the landscape of console play soon enough.,

The “how to play ps4 on laptop screen with hdmi” is a process that will be available in 2020. The process allows users to play PS4 games on their laptops.


The PlayStation 4 has just been unpacked; all that is lacking now is a connection to a laptop, TV, beamer, Wifi, or PC. In this article, we’ll show you what to look out for when connecting your PS4 to a laptop screen or a TV/PC. You’ll also learn how to connect your PS4 to the Internet, utilize external speakers, and plug in your keyboard.

Is it possible to play PS4 on a laptop screen?


Is it possible to connect my PS4 to a laptop and play games on the screen? Is it possible to link my laptop screen to the PS4 directly through HDMI? Even though the Sony console is often positioned next to the television in the house, there are occasions when you want to carry the PS4 with you and don’t always have access to a TV or monitor with HDMI input. We recently wondered whether you could just connect your laptop screen to the PS4 since it’s pretty unusual to have a notebook with you.

Using HDMI, connect your PS4 to your laptop.

Connecting your PS4 to your laptop through HDMI will be difficult. The reason for this is simple: you can only connect your PS4 to your laptop and utilize the PS4 screen for gaming if your notebook has an HDMI input. However, most laptops only have one HDMI output, which means that the image can only be sent from the laptop to a TV or monitor, not from another device to the laptop display.

You might use a gimmick, such as utilizing a capture card and transferring the picture from the PS4 to the laptop, but it isn’t very practical, particularly because you have to purchase the capture card first, and there are generally delays after that.

PS4 to laptop streaming

There is a better option that enables you to connect your PlayStation 4 to your laptop. The only stipulation is that the PlayStation 4 and the laptop be connected to the same wireless network.

  • All you’ll need is the PS4’s Remote Play feature. The PS4 image may be streamed to a PS Vita, among other devices.
  • You may also use remote play to stream the PS4 picture to a PC or notebook and connect the PS4 to your laptop with the correct software.
  • Make sure your PlayStation 4 and laptop are connected to the same network, then turn on Remote Play on your console and download the Remote Play program for Windows or Mac.
  • To download the game, go to

How to Setup PS4 Remote Play

You want to play a match of NBA 2K, but your roommate keeps the TV turned off? You may broadcast the game to a PC or Mac via Remote Play. This also works with a PS Vita, so you’re not restricted to a single location. You may even play on your PS4 while traveling. In this tutorial, you’ll learn everything you’ll need and how to get started.

To utilize Remote Play with your PS4, you’ll need the following items:

Remote Play allows you to broadcast games from your PS4 to other devices in a variety of ways. This functionality, however, is not available in all games. First, check the manual to determine whether the game you’d want to broadcast supports Remote Play. In any case, you’ll need the most recent firmware. It is not necessary to have a PlayStation Plus membership.


The service requires the following hardware:

  • An Apple Mac or a Windows PC
  • A Sony Xperia smartphone or a PlayStation Vita

You’ll need the proper program for remote play with a PC or Mac initially. Both versions are available for free download on Sony’s servers. Here’s where you can get the PC and Mac versions. Run the installation file when the download is complete and follow the onscreen instructions.

System requirements for the PS4 Remote Play software


  • Windows 8.1 or above is required.
  • 2.67 GHz or faster Intel Core i5-560M CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 megabytes (MB) of spare disk space
  • A minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels is required.
  • card with sound
  • Connection through USB
  • For the best video quality, you’ll need at least an Intel Core i5-2450M CPU running at 2.50 GHz.


  • OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, and macOS Catalina are all supported by the software.
  • 2.40 GHz or faster Intel Core i5-520M CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 megabytes (MB) of spare disk space
  • Connection through USB

On the PS4, these parameters are necessary.

Remote Play needs the right PS4 settings once the program has been installed.

  • Select the Remote Play Connection Settings option in the settings menu.
  • Select the Enable Remote Play option and tick the box next to it.
  • It is necessary to set up the PS4 as the main system. If it isn’t, or if you’re unsure, go to Settings > Account Management > Enable as your main PS4 > Enable as your primary PS4 > Enable as your primary PS4.

How to Get Started with PS4 Remote Play

The most crucial preparations have been completed. Only the following steps must be completed in order to utilize Remote Play:

  • Your PlayStation 4 must be switched on in order to stream content. Alternatively, you may use sleep mode to have the console turn on automatically when you access it remotely.
  • Connect the dual-shock controller to your PS4 if you wish to play from a PC or Mac. This may be used with a USB cable or wirelessly, however a Sony adapter is required (DUALSHOCK 4 USB Wireless Adaptor).
  • Click Start on the previously installed Remote Play software.
  • Log in to the PS4 with the proper Sony Entertainment Network account if you haven’t done so before. The two devices should immediately discover each other.

Use your PS Vita or Xperia smartphone as a second screen or for remote play.


Owners of a PS Vita or Sony Xperia smartphone may utilize their mobile device to play games remotely.

PS Vita and PS4 Remote Play

  • Open Settings on your PS4 and go to PlayStation Vita Connection Settings.
  • Enable Remote Play and Connect directly to PlayStation Vita should both be checked.
  • Note: If “Connect directly to PlayStation Vita” is selected, your PlayStation 4 will connect to the Vita directly through “Wireless Access Point.” This is the setting that Sony recommends. The device will utilize a wireless network if it is deactivated. A WLAN connection is also available, although a download speed of at least 5 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps is suggested. Although this works on the road as well, Sony does not suggest it.
  • Select PlayStation4 Shortcut > Start > Remote Play on the PS Vita.
  • You still need to register your PS Vita on your PS4 if you haven’t previously. On the TV screen, an eight-digit code will display, which you must input on your handheld. To confirm the code, tap Register. If you don’t validate the code within five minutes, hit Back, and the console will produce a new one.
  • The connection will now be automated, and the PS4 system will display a notice.

Remote Play on a PS4 with an Xperia Smartphone

  • The PS4 Remote Play software is required to stream from a PS4 to an Xperia smartphone. The app is available to download for free from the Google Play Store. The functionality was previously included in the PlayStation app. Sony, on the other hand, has now outsourced the role. This includes the “PS4 Second Screen” software, which lets you use your Xperia smartphone as a second screen.
  • Connect both the console and the smartphone to the same home network after installing the app.
  • Sign in to your PS4 using your PlayStation Network account.
  • Under Settings > Account Management > Enable as your primary PS4 > Enable as your primary PS4, the console must be set as your primary system.
  • Sign in to PSN on your phone with the same account you used on the website.
  • To use the Dualshock pad as a remote control for your phone, switch it off first. Press the PS and Share buttons at the same time until the light bar flashes. The link should now be established automatically.
  • To synchronize the phone with the console, choose Next in the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Fix PS4 Remote Play If It Doesn’t Work

There are various reasons why Remote Play does not operate or does not work effectively. For a better gameplay experience, try the following suggestions:

  • Because Remote Play sends a lot of data over the Internet, a fast connection is necessary, depending on the kind of connection. Upload and download rates of at least 5 Mbps are recommended by Sony. Go to the menu on your PS4 and choose Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection to see how fast your connection really is.
  • Note that the PS4 Pro has a maximum resolution of 1080p, which is Full HD, but the normal PS4 has a maximum resolution of 720p. A 15 Mbps transmission rate is required for remote play with the PS4 Pro at 30 frames per second.
  • The stream’s resolution may be adjusted using the PC/Mac App. A lesser resolution requires a smaller amount of bandwidth. If your connection is slower than the required 5 Mbps, go to Settings > Video Quality for Remote Play in the app. Set the resolution to Standard (540p) or Low (360p) in the menu, as well as the frame rate to Standard.
  • If you’re broadcasting to a PC or Mac, a LAN connection is the ideal option.
  • If you’re using wifi, check sure the PS4 is as near as possible to the router and that no items are in the way of the signal.
  • Check to see if any other devices are consuming the bandwidth. Simultaneous gaming may not be possible if someone else is watching Netflix on the side.
  • Verify that the PS4 can connect to the PlayStation Network. Under Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection, you may do so.
  • Restarting the devices involved may assist to address the issues in certain circumstances.
  • If the input seems to be delayed when playing: This is typical for remote play, since there is a step between computation and picture output. Although “input lag” is normally just a few milliseconds long, it may be visible in rapid action games.

How can I connect my PS4 to my TV?

Use an HDMI cable to connect the PlayStation 4 to a television.


  • Connect the wire to the PS4’s HDMI output on the rear. The lettering “HDMI OUT” distinguishes the connection.
  • Connect the other end of the wire to your TV’s HDMI input port. This might be at the rear, front, or side, depending on the maker and model. If in doubt, consult your television’s handbook. Because both sides of an HDMI cable are identical, it makes no difference which side you connect to the PS4 and which side you connect to the TV.

Connect your PlayStation 4 to a keyboard through USB or Bluetooth.

A PC keyboard may be used with a PS4 – this is true not just for USB keyboards, but also for wireless keyboards. Text conversation is substantially quicker than using a traditional controller. Controlling the game using the mouse and keyboard is not possible.

It’s simple to connect a USB keyboard to the PS4: just plug it into a spare USB port on the console’s front, where you’ll also find a joypad cord.

A few more procedures are required when using a Bluetooth keyboard. To do so, take these steps:

  • Select System Settings from the PlayStation 4’s main menu.
  • Here’s where you’ll find the Devices item.
  • The entry Bluetooth devices are used to establish the connection. To begin, turn on the Bluetooth keyboard’s connection feature so that the PlayStation 4 can recognize it. If required, see the keyboard’s manual.
  • Finally, from the PS4 menu, pick the keyboard and it should be ready to use.

How do I connect my PlayStation 4 to the internet? (Wifi or Ethernet)

The PS4 may connect to the Internet via a LAN cable or a wireless connection through WLAN. Open the Network option on your PS4’s dashboard and choose Internet Connection.

Setting up a wireless connection on a PlayStation 4:

  • Choose the Use Wifi option.
  • There are now two choices available to you: Simple and Custom.
  • To show a list of available access points, choose Simple. A lock symbol next to an entry indicates that the connection is password secured. Select your connection and, if applicable, input the relevant access details.
  • Note: If your network isn’t showing up, choose Custom. IP address, DHCP hostname, DNS, and MTU are all things you’ll need. If you don’t know this information, contact your ISP or network administrator.

How to connect your PS4 to the Internet using an Ethernet cable (LAN cable)

  • Choose the option to use a LAN cable.
  • When you pick Simple, PlayStation 4 will now automatically look for the proper Internet connection settings.
  • However, extra information such as IP address, DHCP hostname, DNS, and MTU may be required by your network connection. Select Custom and contact your network administrator or Internet service provider if this is the case.

How to Hook Up a PlayStation 4 to a Sound System


A Toslink converter, which transforms the digital signal into an analog signal, is required to connect speakers with jack connectors above it. Note that there are pure adapters without converters available, however they are not compatible with the PS4. So make certain you get one that is really a converter.

You may attach speakers to the PS4 if the sound does not transfer via the HDMI line to the A/V receiver. However, there is only one method to do so: via the optical output. A little plastic cap covers the square connection on the back of the PS4. A so-called Toslink cable is necessary for connecting to other devices, with data sent digitally through optical fibre.

How to hook up a PlayStation 4 to an A/V receiver

Connect the PS4 to your A/V receiver first if you have one in your living room for optimum sound. The connection takes a bit more care than connecting directly to a television: make sure the PS4’s HDMI cable is plugged into the receiver’s HDMI IN port. Then, using the HDMI OUT connector on the receiver, connect it to the TV.

When the console detects that it is connected to a receiver, it should automatically modify the sound output. As a result, separate settings for 5.1 sound, for example, are not required.

Current beamers, like TV sets, feature an HDMI connector to which you may attach your PlayStation 4. Older beamers, on the other hand, often utilize VGA, which is analogue rather than digital HDMI. As a result, a simple adaptor is insufficient; a converter is necessary.

However, before you purchase it, double-check if the converter is compatible with connecting a PS4 to a beamer. Because VGA does not carry sound, you may require extra cords to connect the system to the converter’s sound output, such as a jack connector. If the converter doesn’t have a sound port, see “Connecting Speakers to PlayStation 4” above for information on how to get sound from the PS4.

Why a Playstation 4 Pro is better for Full HD TVs

With the exception of few titles with enhanced effects, the PS4 Pro was designed primarily for users with a 4K screen. The console, however, has mastered supersampling with the 5.50 update: the hardware downscales the 4K display to 1080p (Full HD) and so gives a superior image quality. There is less flashing and the image is calmer. However, in rare circumstances, minor performance decreases may occur. This functionality is not required.

The “how to play ps4 on laptop without remote play” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is that the PS4 can be played on a laptop screen in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I display my PS4 on my laptop screen?

A: The PS4 has a technology called TV-out which allows the output of your TV in order to use it on your laptop. This is done by plugging an HDMI cable into both devices and then configuring them accordingly through browser options, or with built in software like MediaPlayer Classic Home Cinema (MPC)

How do I connect my PS4 to my laptop 2020?

A: The PS4 is an entertainment console, so it must be hooked up to your TV in order for you to play games. You will need a HDMI cable or something similar in order to connect the two devices.

Can I play my PlayStation through my laptop screen?

A: Yes, you can play your Playstation through your laptop screen.

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