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Let’s Play Pokemon: What are Pokemon’s

Pokemon are also known as pocket monsters. ‘Pocket’ coming from the time when Game Boy was popular.

These creatures were originally created by Satoshi Tajiri for use in a video game called ‘pocket monster’.

What are Pokemon’s and how do they work?

First of all, Pokemon’s are not real. They only exist in video games and manga comics.

However, they are very similar to real animals.

There are currently about 649 Pokemon’s in existence.

Each of these pokemon has it’s own unique ability which makes them different from each other.

Even between their species, an individual pokemon may have different abilities than another of its kind.

This is similar to people who are left or right handed. [In the manga comics] Pokemon have been known to speak to humans using their native language, which is ‘Pokemon language’.

Some pokemon have been know to be dangerous. In the anime show, there are many instances when a trainer’s pokemon become so angry that they will not listen and disobey orders from their trainers.

This is similar to a dog who does not listen. There is also the rare occasion when a pokemon will get sick and die if not treated properly.

This type of language may be difficult for some children to understand, which is why parents should watch Pokemon with their child and talk about it together after watching.

Types of Pokemon’s:

There are three different types of pokemon’s, which include:

  • Normal (Noun)[no known special abilities]
  • Non-Normal/Special Abilities (Specfic Abilites)(Verb)[abilities vary by type]
  • No-Abilities/Unique Creatures(Adjective)[ability is to remain with a trainer, not to battle]

The three types of pokemon’s are listed below:

  • Normal-Normal pokemon have no special abilities.
  • Non-Normal/Special Abilities (Specfic Abilites)-

Pokemon that have special abilities include:

  • Ghost
  • Dark
  • Psychic
  • Dragon Type

For example, Haunter is a ghost pokemon.

No-Abilities/Unique Creatures-Pokemon that have no abilities include:

The three legendary birds:

  • Moltres
  • Zapdos
  • Articuno

A unique creature has been known to follow a trainer from birth until death. A perfect example of this is the legendary pokemon, Mewtwo.

There are also pokemon that can only be found in certain areas such as the Sinnoh region.

The types of creatures include:

  • Bug
  • Water
  • Grass

Some people mistake these creatures for real animals and may even shoot them for sport or kill them by accident.

This is how dangerous it can be for some people to think that pokemon’s are real.

How do I get a pokemon?

In order to get a pokemon, you must first purchase a Nintendo Game Boy or Game Boy Advanced and then one of the many different games such as: Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow [Nintendo], Pokemon Diamond [Nintendo], Pokemon Sapphire [Nintendo], etc.

You would then have to name your pokemon’s and enter their address.

After this,you must go outside of your house into the tall grass with some pokeballs in order to catch them.

However, if you wish for a rare pokemon such as Mewtwo or Articuno, there is a special way that you must do in order to get them.

First, you would need a friend who has the game and then you both must trade pokemon’s with each other in order to get these rare pokemon’s.

How to create a pokemon rom hack

Pocket Monsters is a role-playing game in which the player takes control of Ash. The ultimate goal is to catch all 151 Pokémon – this however, proves difficult as some Pokémon are only available in certain places at certain times.

For example, you can’t get Lapras in the Red Version without trading with someone who has it.

There are no Pokémon that you can only find in one version: e.g. Pikachu is available in both Red and Blue.

The primary way to capture Pokémon is by throwing a Poké Ball at them and hoping for the best; each different Pokémon requires a different kind of Poké Ball.

There are other ways to capture Pokémon, such as giving them “berries” that will make them easier to catch.