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North Pole Express Christmas Train Set

The “north pole express christmas train set 27 pc” is a toy that allows children to transport toys from the North Pole to Santa’s workshop. The set includes a locomotive, a caboose, and other pieces.

Christmas is always closer than you think it will be, so now that you know what time it is, it’s time to beat the rush and get your decorations up early!

Nothing beats watching a model train rush around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, and what better train set to use than the legendary North Pole Express?

Take a look at our comparison of the various North Pole Express trains offered by companies like Bachmann, Lionel, and EZ-Tec to see which one is ideal for you if you’re wanting to upgrade or make your first purchase.

Alternatively, if you’re searching for a generic Christmas train, we have a Christmas train post that goes into a lot more information.



  • The North Pole Central is a great way to show off your Christmas enthusiasm. Freight set that is ready to play; With this unique track system, you may make a circle, rectangle, or oval. Ideal for children, amateurs, and seasonal decor.
  • Gondola with crate load; Battery-powered locomotive and tender 24 curved and 8 straight plastic track segments, center-cupola caboose
  • Working headlight; Fixed knuckle couplers; Removable crate load in the gondola; Authentic train noises and announcements, including bell and whistle; Remote control that is simple to use
  • Ready-to-Play track measuring 50″ x 73″; This kit will not work with Lionel or any other G Gauge track systems.

This Lionel North Central train set is the nicest Christmas gift a youngster could ever get! Because this is a G scale train, it’s a really large-size reproduction of a train, so you’ll need quite a bit of space to finish the set! But it only means it’s going to be visually stunning on the tracks!

This excellent model train comes with a locomotive and wood tender, a gondola with some interesting looking crates, and a centre-cupola caboose, as well as 24 curved and 8 straight plastic track pieces — enough to construct a 5073′′ oval track!

The nicest thing about this train set is that it doesn’t need energy to operate, so you can put it wherever without worrying about being close to a power source. Six “C” batteries are used in the locomotive (the first vehicle), and three “AAA” batteries are used in the remote control. When the locomotive is turned on, the lights in the front and back illuminate.

This is the type of train that’s fantastic to place under a tree and can take a battering from the kids or grandchildren for a week, but would struggle over a year.

The train’s sole major flaw is that the sound selections are quite restricted. When you press it, you get a horn, a whistle, and a music sign, but no real music. “Next stop, the North Pole!” says the conductor over and over again.



  • Bluetooth control with integrated remote or app, DCC control, conventional transformer control, LED headlight, LionChief 2-8-4 steam locomotive with tender Realistic noises that may be controlled by a remote or an app
  • Boxcar Features: Opening doors, 2-bay Hopper, Operating Knuckle Couplers Removable coal load is one of the features of this product.
  • MagneLock 42×60″ oval track, remote control, 1-amp power supply

The Lionel North Pole Central Express is yet another fantastic Lionel train, however it is a significant step up from the last train on our list.

The warm hues of green and red truly embrace the Christmas spirit. This is a train set that will keep your youngster entertained throughout the winter and beyond.

This is a great kit to put together that even adolescents will enjoy. You may even get the whole family involved in the construction of this railway set. Make more happy moments for everyone to remember.

With the remote, you may adjust the volume of any noises that disturb you. A 1 amp power source will give enough power for the train set to operate all of its functions. It’s designed to save space and spans 44 inches, so it won’t take up much area. This frees up space for any further extensible components you may want to install later.

  • With the LED lights embedded inside the train, you can brighten up a gloomy environment.
  • The train may be controlled in a variety of ways, including by Bluetooth and remote control.
  • It comes with removable box carts that may be used to extend the railway.



  • NEW North Pole Express “G” Gauge Christmas Train Set
  • Forward / Stop / Reverse / Operating Headlight / 22 Pieces
  • Christmas carols are played.
  • 12 Curve Track/ 7 Road Sign/ Locomotive/ Coal Tender/ Caboose/ Locomotive/ Coal Tender/ Caboose/ Locomotive/ Coal Tender/ Caboose
  • 6 C Batteries are required (not included)

The EZ-TEC North Pole Express, as its name implies, is very simple to set up and operate. This train set is the greatest option if you want something that isn’t too difficult. It’s so simple to put together that even little toddlers can do it in minutes.

When you put the train set together, it even plays Christmas tunes. This music generates a mood that is appropriate for the holiday season. You have a variety of purchasing choices to pick from, so you can acquire it whenever you want.

To match the theme, the three sections that make up the train have been painted red. To power the train set, you’ll also need to install six C cell batteries. It’s a little play set that barely weighs nine pounds.

  • It features working headlights that illuminate the route in front of it.
  • It has the ability to move forward and backward.
  • It has 22 parts, including seven stop signs and twelve curving tracks in the shape of an oval. 



  • Complete Passenger Train Set That Is Ready To Run
  • A 2-6-2 Steam Era Locomotive with Operating Headlight, Smoke, and Tender powers the train.
  • Heavyweight Coach Car and Heavyweight Observation Car are included.
  • Oval of Snap-Fit E-Z Track, Power Pack, and Speed Controller, 63″ x 45″
  • 1:87 HO Scale

The Bachmann North Pole Express train set is a tremendous powerhouse. This signifies it’s built of high-quality, long-lasting materials. This is one of the biggest train sets that will fit in a room. It even comes with a handbook if you find the kit a little difficult to put together on your own.

It’s a heavyweight train set, so it’s probably best for adolescents and above. You may also use a checklist to keep track of the progress of the construction. The handbook also explains how to maintain all of your components clean and in working order.

It uses magnets to hold the various components together. The sections are held together by magnets that may be removed. The whole train is powered by a power source that you must connect to the train. To get it started, you’ll need to attach the other cord to a socket.

  • Your track system comes in three distinct colors to pick from.
  • A speed controller assists you in maintaining the train’s pace or speeding it up if you so choose.
  • It has operational electrical components such as smoke, headlights, and a power system.

When it comes to obtaining a North Pole Christmas train, whether it’s for a model train layout or for beneath your Christmas tree, I believe any of the ones listed above are excellent choices, and you’d be perfectly fine picking any of them.

That said, I’m a huge admirer of Bachmann’s North Pole Express simply because the genuine North Pole Express is one of my favorites!


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The “polar express christmas tree train” is a toy that will be available for purchase this Christmas. The set includes a lighted dome, 3 trees, and a Santa Claus figure.

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