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OneDrive on the web now has photo editing features on the web

Microsoft announced that OneDrive is now available as a web application, giving users the ability to edit their photos on the go. The move comes just before Microsoft’s major release of its upcoming Office 365 with new features such as enhanced photo editing capabilities and ink-style drawings in Word documents.

The “onedrive photo tags missing” is a problem that has been present for a while. OneDrive on the web now has photo editing features on the web.

OneDrive on the web now has photo editing features on the web


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  • OneDrive has been providing all-in-one services to consumers for a long time.
  • To expand its capabilities, Microsoft has recently added picture editing facilities to the web.
  • Users have been asking for this feature for a long time, and it’s now here.


If you’re a picture enthusiast, OneDrive has recently stepped up its game by introducing additional photo editing options, making it a one-stop shop.

Users no longer need to depend on other applications since they can edit photographs directly on One Drive thanks to the new functionality.

The picture editing function is one of the most desired by customers, and Microsoft is now delivering on that wish with new OneDrive capabilities.

Enhanced capabilities

Although OneDrive is best known for cloud storage, it turns out that customers want greater control over the data they keep.

The picture editing options are now somewhat rudimentary, but they are a start and will undoubtedly be welcomed. 

Users can trim, alter, and filter their photographs, but additional features are planned to be added in the following months.


Cropping your photographs manually or selecting from established ratios is possible using the crop option. There’s also the option of rotating your photographs in various directions.

To make your shot more lively, use the adjustment function to modify the light and colors. You may modify the contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, color, and more with the picture sliders.

The crop and modification tools are relatively new, with the rollout starting in June.

You may use filters to add fake effects to your photos to create various moods and scenes. If you don’t like the changes you’ve made so far, you may either overwrite them and go back to the original picture, or save it as a new file to keep the original.

If you choose an unexpected option by mistake, you may restore the file by going to version history.

There will be more to come.

If you thought Microsoft’s fundamental functions were all it had to offer, you’re in for a surprise. The option to comment and markup photographs is coming shortly, according to the business.

The exact timing of the planned features’ implementation is uncertain, but consumers should brace themselves since it might happen sooner rather than later.

Will you make use of OneDrive’s newly revealed picture editing features? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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OneDrive on the web now has photo editing features. The “onedrive on this day folders” is a feature that was released to OneDrive for Business and OneDrive for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you edit a photo in OneDrive?

A: You can upload a new photo to your OneDrive, but you cannot edit the existing photos.

Can you crop photos in OneDrive?

A: Yes, you can crop images in OneDrive.

Is Google photos better than OneDrive?

A: Google photos is a better storage service than OneDrive because of their automatic backup and cloud storage.

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