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Paramount+ Subscribers Seeing Too Many Ads (Possible Fix)

After the introduction of ad block software, many publishers are left wondering what they can do to make their ads more appealing. One solution is implementing a subscription-based model where users pay for ad-free viewing.

The “paramount plus commercial free has commercials” is a problem that many Paramount+ subscribers are experiencing. This issue is causing some users to cancel their subscriptions.

Paramount+ Subscribers Seeing Too Many Ads (Possible Fix)

Subscribers to Amount+ who pay for an ad-free experience seem to be seeing advertising. While even ad-free members can expect to encounter advertising from time to time, the frequency and number of commercials mentioned suggests there is a larger issue with the service at the present. Fortunately, people who are suffering the issue may be able to find a temporary solution.


Given that it just began this year, Paramount+ is one of the newer services, having taken over from CBS All Access. One of the major distinctions between the two schemes is the presence of advertisements. Those who don’t mind seeing commercials may pay $4.99 per month, while those who don’t want to view ads will spend $9.99 per month.

In recent days, a growing number of users have reported that adverts are being presented not just to ad-free clients, but in overwhelming numbers. In other words, commercials appear as often as they do for ad-supported subscribers and linger for the same amount of time. Streaming Clarity has heard personally from a number of concerned users in addition to the concerns that have appeared online.


Adding to the idea that something is wrong. “We appreciate your patience while we work on rectifying this problem,” says the assistance account for Paramount+ on Twitter in response to some of the complaints. The replies also point to a potential solution to the problem.

A possible solution to the overabundance of Paramount+ advertisements

While it is unclear what is causing the difficulty, it is possible that it is connected to account authentication. For example, people who pay for an ad-free experience may not be recorded as such, resulting in a ‘with advertisements’ streaming experience being served. The Paramount+ support account recommends rebooting the app on a device to determine the right membership level. Subscribers are advised to sign out of the Paramount+ app on all devices before restarting the device, relaunching the app, and signing back in. Although it is not indicated by Paramount+, clearing the cache for the Paramount+ app before restarting the device may also be beneficial.

Whether or whether the update works for all users, it seems that there is a problem with Paramount+ now delivering more adverts to ad-free members than it should. At the same time, the corporation seems to be aware of the problem and working on a more long-term solution to the overabundance of advertisements issue.

Paramount+ Help is the source of this information (Twitter)

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The “why does my paramount plus premium have ads” is a problem that has been present for a while. Paramount+ Subscribers are seeing too many ads. This issue can be fixed by going to the settings and turning off all of the options for “Ads”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting so many ads on Paramount plus?

A: The owners of Paramount+ are currently having technical difficulties with their ad system. They have asked that you please bear the ads while they work to fix it.

How do I get rid of ads by Paramount?

A: In order to completely remove the ads from Paramount, you will need to purchase a subscription. If your account is not premium and dont want ad-free access, or if your account is already premium and want more benefits such as custom skins for characters in the game/more levels unlocked with progression bar filled up faster than normal)

How much is paramount Plus without commercials?

A: I am unable to answer that question.

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