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Secret of getting different colored Toads in Mario Run game

Mario is back and he’s on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch! Redeem the download code included in the box to get started. If you purchased a used copy of Mario Run , tap “Already purchased this app?” below to restore your purchase. -Nintendo.This article will show you how to download Super Mario Run or how to get it again if you bought a used copy and want to restart the download.

How to get different color toads in mario run

To get different color toads, you need the second color matching Toad. This means that if Mario is running with a yellow Toad, he needs a blue Toad for it to work. Also, all of them have to be on the same version so if one is Peach and one is Toadette, it won’t workToads of different color will help you get more toad without having to buy them in the shop. So yes, this is helpful!

Moving Mario

To move Mario while playing Super Mario Run , tap on the screen where you want him to go. You can hold your finger down to keep him running, but if you want to stop him completely, let go of the screen.


To jump in Super Mario Run , tap on the screen where you want Mario to jump. If you hold your finger down on the screen before he gets there, he’ll jump earlier and farther than normal! It’s a good way to get over obstacles.

Change what music plays in mario run

To change the music while playing Super Mario Run , tap on the Music icon on the top left of the screen while you’re running through a level. This will bring up options to turn some items on and off. Click on the music square and choose a song.Some songs will play at certain parts of levels, so you’ll have to check out what’s available and plan your selection accordingly! You can always try it out and change it again if you don’t like the result.

Special Effects

To add special effects to Mario while playing Super Mario Run , tap on the special effects icon on the top left of the screen. This will bring up a bunch of items that you can add to your run, like clouds or fireworks or something else! You’ll have to try them out and see what works for you!If you get tired of an effect, there’s a trashcan next to the effect you can click to remove it.

You’ll need to fill up your music meter if you want to use special effects, but filling up the meter is really easy! Just collect coins during a run. If you wait too long between beginning runs, you won’t be able to play with any of these items until you prove yourself in at least one run, so just start running and then you can turn on effects or something else if you want.

iPhone Storage Usage Tips

To check how much storage space Mario Run is using on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage . Here you’ll be able to see what size the app is and what’s taking up the most space.

If you want to save up some space, you can delete the app and then redownload it again. You’ll lose all of your data, including your run’s record! You won’t get any rewards for beating records, but you will get Toads if you did get them before deleting the app. Just go to the Toad Rally screen and you’ll be able to give your Toads to others.


You’ve learned how to download Mario Run , change the music, add special effects, and see how much storage it’s using on your iPhone. Try them all out and let me know in the comments if you have any questions!