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The Megalodon: A Sea Of Thieves Guide To The Biggest Shark In The Game

The Megalodon is the biggest shark in the game and it’s not hard to see why; its massive.

So how do you find and kill these elusive creatures? What does fighting one feel like? Where can you find them? How do I get the rare loot drops? All this and more is answered in this beginner’s guide to fighting MEGALODONS!

What are Megalodons

The megalodon, more accurately known as “Carcharocles megalodon”, was a species of prehistoric shark that lived approximately 28 to 1.5 million years ago.

The megalodon is the biggest shark in Sea of Thieves and this fact alone makes it a worthy adversary to fight and farm for loot. Players will be impressed with their size and players will get an adrenaline rush when they’re on the hunt for them because you never know when you’ll run into one; if at all.

What Loot Can I Get From Them

At this time, there are 8 types of loot that you can get from the megalodon; teeth, jaws, fins, belly scrapers, ribs/spines, skull fragments (rare), Megalodon Steak (rare) and the rarest drop which is its tooth (very rare).

The only problem is that only one player can get the loot at a time so if you want to farm them, bring your friends! The megalodon will not respawn unless it despawns. We on [LoD] usually summon them around an island and take turns running in and killing it so we all get an equal amount of loot.

I’ve found that the best way to kill them is by shooting its fin over and over again. They will eventually bleed out, die and then you can find your loot in its stomach contents which are littered throughout the ocean near its body! Be careful because it might still be alive when you get there.

Where Does the Megalodon Spawn in Sea of Thieves

There are two megalodons that spawn near the Devil’s Shroud; one in the NE and one in the NW (the latter is more common). They can also be found all over by using your lantern on deep sea explorer caves or by randomly exploring the seas. Keep an eye out for any deep sea fish that are glowing.

Sometimes, megalodons will even spawn in the Shores of Plenty! For example, if you find three chests near an island (ie. Boars, Mermaids and Pigs), it’s likely there is a megalodon nearby.

How Do I Fight Them

The megalodon is a big and powerful shark so it’s best to be prepared.

Before you go out in search of a megalodon, make sure you have the following:

  • A good brigantine ship with at least one mast that isn’t easily damaged (so your cannonballs can pierce its fin)  and ideally has a cannon or two.
  • Cannonballs (preferably flamed kind)  to hurt its fin over and over again so it bleeds out and dies; you should shoot the fin twice if not more before shooting the rest of its body.
  • A lantern to find your loot once it’s dead (optional but recommended) because the ocean floor near it might be too deep to see things.
  • A good amount of banana crates and a monkey buddy to protect your loot from other players. If you don’t have a monkey, another player can pick up your loot but it will disappear in 30 seconds if nobody claims it! Also, only the person who killed the shark can get the loot.
  • Food for your trip (optional) but highly recommended because you might be out in the ocean for a while. If you don’t have any food, you will automatically eat raw fish when your food gets low so make sure to kill some before leaving!

Fight it by keeping distance and using both cannons to weaken its fin. You don’t want to stay too close because the megalodon has a lot of bite damage. If you’re not winning, it might be time to run away from it! If you get caught, jump out of the way and roll to avoid getting bitten.

If your ship starts taking on water or gets destroyed, lose the combat by running away or jumping off your ship. This will make you lose any junk in the hold but it’s better than losing your whole ship and all of its contents!