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Top 10 Legal Size File Cabinets Fitting Any Office Perfectly

File cabinets are a necessity for any office. Whether you need to store documents, files, or supplies, file cabinets can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs perfectly.

The ikea filing cabinet is a file cabinet that is designed to fit any office. It comes in different colors and sizes, so it can be used for all purposes.

Do you wish to keep all of your legal-size papers organized and within easy reach?

Then a legal-size file cabinet is the ideal choice for you!

To make it simpler for you to discover what you’re searching for, we’ve detailed numerous top-rated file cabinets and split them into categories. Also, don’t forget to go through our hints and suggestions for making your transaction go more smoothly.

Hon Filing Cabinet with 2 Drawers

Hon is a high-quality file cabinet brand that is presently available on the market. This style is black in color and has two large drawers. The unit’s dimensions are 28″ tall, 18″ deep, and 36″ wide. A complete lifetime guarantee is included with this lateral file cabinet. Ideal for a high-stress workplace.


Construction Using Reinforcements It is constructed entirely of welded steel and has a double-walled base for added strength. Commercial-grade quality is evident in this two-drawer legal-size file cabinet. For file folder arrangement, each drawers include side-to-side hanging rails. Tipping is prevented by built-in counterweights.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet, wide
  • structure made of steel that is completely welded
  • There is a complete lifetime warranty on this product.
  • commercially acceptable quality
  • Hanging rails are included in two of the drawers.
  • built-in weighing scales

Vertical File Cabinet by Hirsh Industries

Exceeds Expectations This is a a filing cabinet of professional quality that is ideal for a high-volume workplace. Hirsh Industries comes completely built and backed by a limited lifetime guarantee. Place it in the corner of the room or beneath a standard-size office desk. It has been tested and satisfies industry standards such as ANSI/BIFMA.


Follower Blocks that can be adjusted Two full-extension file Ball-bearing slides allow drawers to move smoothly., allowing for smooth open and shut motions. Legal-size files are kept upright in each drawer by an adjustable follower block. A built-in lock protects both drawers in this 2-drawer legal size file cabinet.

Points to Consider:

  • commercial-grade file cabinet
  • suitable for use in a harsh environment
  • exceeds industry standards
  • completely built when it arrives
  • Two of the drawers include follower blocks.
  • lock mechanism built-in

Hon File Cabinet with 4 Drawers

Construction Using Reinforcements To create the finest file cabinet, the Hon maker use sophisticated equipment and rigorous quality control. This model is 52 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 25 inches deep. For further stability, the structure is constructed of solid steel with vertical reinforcing. Your papers are protected by a double-walled front kick plate.


Smooth Drawer Operation On ball-bearing slides, all four drawers move smoothly. The drawers are designed to hold legal-size hanging file folders and include the necessary hardware. For simple file identification, the 4-drawer legal-size file cabinet features aluminum label holders on each drawer. A built-in lock protects your papers from theft.

Points to Consider:

  • materials of superior grade
  • cabinet that has been put to the test
  • structure made of solid steel
  • four side drawers with hanging rails on each side
  • holders for file identification labels
  • lock mechanism built-in

White File Cabinet Devaise

Cabinet with a slim profile Check out the Devaise slim file cabinet if you’re searching for a space-saving option. Models in white and black are available. The product’s measurements are 11.8″ wide, 17″ deep, and 23.6″ tall. It comes completely built with the exception of the casters, which must be attached.


Steel Structures This legal filing cabinet is constructed of sturdy steel with a powder-coated finish. It’s simple to clean and keep up with. This metal file cabinet has three drawers and can hold up to 330 pounds. Office supplies are kept in two box drawers, while legal and letter-size files are kept in the bottom drawer. All drawers may be locked.

Points to Consider:

  • structure made of solid steel
  • comes in two colors: black and white
  • suits in every situation
  • For simple movement, it’s fitted with casters.
  • a large carrying capacity
  • two drawers for boxes and a legal-size file drawer

Lee File Cabinet by Sandusky

Item on the Side The Sandusky Lee lateral file cabinet is a high-quality lateral file cabinet intended for high-volume loading and demanding work situations. This model is delivered completely built and of commercial quality. It may be used in an industrial or professional setting. The legal filing cabinet is 36″ W x 19.2″ D x 66″ H and weighs 202 pounds.


Mechanism to Prevent Tip The surface is smooth and scratch-resistant, and it is made of high-quality steel. There are five drawers with ball-bearing slides that move smoothly. Both legal and letter-size file folders may be stored. The interlocking safety system on this 5-drawer metal file cabinet stops it from toppling forward.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet, big
  • a total of five large drawers
  • commercially acceptable quality
  • structure made of steel
  • surface that is scratch-resistant
  • drawers glide on ball-bearing slides

Vertical File Cabinet by FireKing

Brand Name of High Quality When it comes to fireproof file cabinets, FireKing is the most popular brand. This type is made of 14-gauge galvanized welded steel with an environmentally friendly electrostatic powder finish. The product’s measurements are 52″ tall, 20″ deep, and 26″ wide. For file storage, there are four large drawers.


Resistant to Explosion Adjustable follower blocks for upright legal-size file position are included in this 4-drawer legal-size file cabinet. A high-security Lock by Medeco locks all drawers at the same time on the FireKing. All of the drawers are insulated against fire. It is also impact and explosion resistant.

Points to Consider:

  • excellent filing cabinet made of poplar
  • constructed of durable steel with an environmentally friendly powder finish
  • four drawers on the upper side
  • For legal-size files, customizable follower blocks are available.
  • high-security Medeco lock
  • impact and explosion resistant

3-Drawer Modern Luxe File Cabinet

Cabinet for storing large files This trendy lateral file cabinet is perfect for workplaces with a sleek and contemporary appearance. Modern Luxe comes in two boxes that must be put together. It measures 17.7″ in depth, 35.4″ in breadth, and 40″ in height when completely constructed. With a baked enamel finish and commercial-grade welded steel construction.


Drawers with full extension For smooth drawer operation, all three drawers have full extension and steel ball-bearing suspension. Letter-size and legal-size file folders are accommodated in the Modern Luxe legal file cabinet. Only one drawer may be opened at a time due to the safety interlocking system, which prevents the drawer from tilting forward.

Points to Consider:

  • assembly is required
  • lateral filing cabinet, big
  • steel structure of commercial quality
  • baked enamel finish in black
  • three drawers with complete extension
  • method of safety interlock

File Cabinet by Monarch Specialties

Finish: Dark Taupe The Monarch Specialties file cabinet is a beautiful and contemporary option for trendy home offices or businesses. The finish on this model is dark taupe, although other colors are available. It’s a 25-inch-high, 18-inch-wide, and 18-inch-deep vertical legal file cabinet that fits beneath a typical office desk.


Three Compartments It’s constructed of high-quality engineered wood that’ll last a long time. Monarch Specialties features two box drawers for storing office necessities and a file drawer for letter and legal size file folders. This filing cabinet is made of solid wood and has five wheels for easy movement.

Points to Consider:

  • a stylish and contemporary filing cabinet
  • finish: dark taupe
  • constructed of long-lasting engineered wood
  • two file drawers and two box drawers
  • Mobility is enhanced by the presence of five casters.
  • thing that is steady and long-lasting

Vertical File Cabinet by Realspace

Cabinet for Personal Files Realspace is a personal-use vertical file cabinet at an inexpensive price. It’s the ideal storage option for home or small workplaces. It will make it easier for you to manage your papers and keep your workplace running smoothly. It is made of long-lasting metal and may be used for many years.


Material that has been recycled This 2-drawer vertical file cabinet is manufactured with less harsh chemicals and includes 30% recycled material. A unique suspension mechanism glides both high side drawers. Letter-size and legal-size file folders are also supported by Realspace. The legal office cabinet is available in a contemporary, neutral charcoal hue that will blend well with any workplace.

Points to Consider:

  • personal filing cabinet with a small footprint
  • composed of a strong metal
  • a charcoal color that is neutral
  • two drawers on the upper sides
  • letter/legal files may be accommodated
  • suspension system with a patent

File Cabinet for Songmics

Pre-assembled Item The Songmics file cabinet arrives pre-assembled and on casters to your address. You have the option of whether or not to install them. You can simply move it around thanks to the casters. The height, breadth, and depth of the unit are 27.4″, 15.4″, and 17.7″ respectively. Fits under a typical office desk.


Drawers that can be locked The file cabinet’s construction is constructed of high-quality steel, and it has an additional metal plate on the bottom for further stability. Both drawers have movable rods to accommodate legal-size files. The excellent lock on this 2-drawer legal size file drawer secures your stored data from harm and loss.

Points to Consider:

  • a filing cabinet that has been pre-assembled
  • swivel casters are included
  • steel construction
  • Hanging bars are included in two of the drawers.
  • Both drawers are secured with a built-in lock.
  • fits beneath the desk in the office

These legal-size file cabinets provide enough of storage for your papers and data. However, before making a purchase, you need consider a few key characteristics to determine which model is ideal for you.

Legal-size Files – Most individuals deal with two different types of paper/documents: letter-size and legal-size. Letter-size paper is 8.5″ W x 11″ L and is also known as standard-size paper. The size of legal paper is bigger, measuring 8.5″ W x 14″ L, and has a longer length.

Construction of File Cabinets – File cabinets may be constructed out of a variety of materials. The material used to create the file cabinet is referred to as the construction quality. Steel, metal, solid wood, and hardwood are used to create high-quality goods. They’re made to be used for a long time.

You may select between vertical and lateral file cabinets, depending on your storage needs and available office or home office space. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but in general, contemporary lateral file cabinets take up more space and have larger drawers. Vertical ones need less room and have deeper drawers.

Anti-tip Mechanism — Overloading your file cabinet increases the danger of it tipping forward. You may avoid this by purchasing a model with an anti-tilt device. That is, one drawer may be opened while the others are locked. As a result, the file cabinet remains sturdy and secure.

Security Features – Every file cabinet should be locked while not in use. This avoids document damage, theft, loss, and other undesirable circumstances. There are many various lock choices on the market, so choose the one that appeals to you the best. A central lock, which locks all drawers at the same time, is the most popular.

The 2 drawer file cabinet is a legal size file cabinet that can fit in any office.

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