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Ultimate Guide to Bugsnax Game

Bugsnax Game is the most popular game played by kids between 6-12. There are several versions of Bugsnax Game but this guide will focus on the Universal Rules .

Basic Rules: How to Play?

1) The players spread out in a circle so that each player has an equal amount of space within the circle.

2) A designated player begins the game by sitting down on their bottom and having a friend spin them around several times counter-clockwise. This continues until the designated player is dizzy and lets go of the spinner’s hands. The spinning usually ends with vomiting or urination – not recommended for indoor play!

3) The player that was spun around then stands up and tries to collect all of his dropped Skittles on the floor.

4) The collected Skittles are put in a pile between the legs of the spinner.

5) Play continues with each player being spun – collecting Skittles – being sat down on their bottom – releasing Skittles – and the Skittles being added to the spinner’s pile of Skittles.

6) The game is over when there are no more Skittles on the floor (or as many as desired for time limitations).

7) All players must keep their hands inside of their shirt or pants at all times! You can’t touch anything with your hands until you are “out of the game”.

8) Once a player is out of the game they must stay outside of the circle. They can be mean and pick up Skittles or watch other players if they want, but keep their hands to themselves.

9) The last remaining player wins!

White Strabby

White strabby is when you have Skittles between your legs. It also counts as two Skittles.

What is the Official Bugsnax Game Maker Token?

The Bugsnax Game Maker ‘s Token is a necklace with a large golden coin hanging from it. The front of the coin has the number 100 on it – this represents how many Skittles are in your pile at anytime during the game. A point system exists for each different colored Skittle collected while playing Bugsnax Game.

The back of the coin has a picture of a large Skittle with a number to represent the point value – the Skittle is colored green if 1 point, red for 2 points, orange for 3 points, and yellow for 4 points. The Points are used during the last phase of the game when players vote on who they think should be the winner.

The game maker token is an official prize for the winner of Bugsnax Game!

Bugsnax Game Pieces (Skittles) Colors & Point Values

Green Skittle – 1 point

Yellow Skittle – 4 points

Orange Skittle – 3 points

Red Skittle – 2 points

Special Game Maker Token – 100 points

White Strabby – 2 points (between the legs)

Black Strabby (extra game maker token) – 500 points (in hand or between your legs or sitting on).

Bugsnax Cheats and Secrets

The most common Bugsnax Game cheaters and secrets:

1) Hand touching – At any time during the game, if one of your two hands are touching anything – it is a Black Strabby! A Black Strabby equals 500 Skittles. If you trick another player into making a wrong move or reaction, you get to pick up all their Skittles.

2) Faking a throw or a urinary release – If you fake a Skittle release on the floor, it is a Black Strabby.

3) Extra BugSnax Game Maker Token – Right before someone is going to be spun around, if you say “oh oh” and stick out your hand with the Bugsnax Game Maker Token necklace in it, you can make it be the spinner. If the spinner lets you spin them around, they can not collect Skittles during their turn.

4) Jumping out of the game – If someone jumps up and tries to leave the circles area with all their Skittles on the floor, everyone gets to pick up Skittles from them.

5) Simsnax Game – If you have a real life friend who is willing to let you spin them around, one of their hands can touch the ground and release Skittles. If this happens, it does not count as your turn.


Bugsnax Game is a game where you quickly run around, touch people with your hands up their pants or down their shirts, collect Skittles, spin people around and release Skittles – all while racing to be the first person to get 100 Skittles. Don’t forget about Strabbys!