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What Is A Clan And How Do You Join One In Destiny 2

There are things to know about clans in Destiny 2. By knowing what you can do with a clan, you could be on your way to making new friends and the content of the game much more enjoyable for yourself.

Clans are an in-game social space that gamers can join together. You can have chats with other members outside of just playing the game, or even schedule events to play with one another. Destiny 2 is really an MMO in a FPS body. What are you waiting for? There are other gamers out there that are looking for other people to play Destiny 2 with, and having played this game solo is not as fun as it could be. You can find clans online, but it is recommended that you join one in-game.

How to create a destiny clan

It is really simple to join/create a clan in Destiny 2. You can join or even create one straight from the game menu. Go to “Roster”, then to the search tab and finally select either “Clan” or “Visitors”. This will allow you to see who is in your current clan (if any) or see who is looking to join a clan.

The only difference between visitors and clans is that you cannot chat with visitors, but anyone can visit your clan. If you are not in a clan yet, then just click on the “Create Clan” button at the top of the screen once you have selected either Visitors or Clan. This will allow you to create your very own clan.

Once you enter the game menu, go over to “Roster”. You can see that there is a tab for both Clan and Visitors on this screen. On the left side of the screen you will see your current clan (if any) and if it is open to new members or not. If not, then you will have to wait until the owner of the clan either opens it or leaves it. You can also see a list of current members if there is already a clan made.

Clan rewards and requirements

Once you join a clan – whether they are visitors or your own – you will start gaining points towards both personal and clan rewards. This will help you to level up your clan, which in turn helps each player within the clan. There are also certain things that will require that your clan meets a certain rank before you can gain access to them – weekly nightfall strikes and raids are one example of this.

First thing is first, when it comes to playing with your clan you will need to select “Clan” when in orbit. This is done by clicking on the Clan tab at the top of the screen, then selecting “Create Fireteam”. From there you can either search for an existing fireteam or create your own or look for one within your friends list or within your clan.

Once you have created a fireteam you can either go to the next available location or return to orbit. Once here, make sure that everyone is in the right place and ready before going into a mission or strike – especially if it is a weekly nightfall because there are no checkpoints for this particular mission.

Clan size and ranks

You will be able to have a clan that is within certain limitations depending on the size of your clan. You can only have 100 people in a clan, so it is best to choose who you want to play with so everyone remains active. If someone goes inactive, then they will no longer count towards the total number of members allowed – which leaves room for new members to be added.

You will rank up your clan by completing events that are specific to the clan. You can find these on the top left hand corner of the screen when in orbit or selecting a mission from the menu. There is a weekly event and a daily event, so make sure you go after them each day for a good amount of clan XP.


You should think of Destiny 2 as an MMO. This means that there are different events to partake in, clans to be part of and raids to conquer with your friends. The more you play with others, the more XP you get which allows you to level your clan up.