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What Is Rathalos Ruby In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is on sale now. As with any Monster Hunter, the game has some items that are version exclusive. Rathalos Ruby is one of those items and it’s crucial to some high rank armor builds. Today I want to break down what it does, where to get it, and how important it is for your character in Monster Hunter World.

What Is Rathalos Ruby? The Rathalos Ruby is a rare item that drops from the fire-breathing wyvern, Rathalos. It’s an important material for creating armor in Monster Hunter World. For this particular armor set you need two of them to make an ornate chest piece and four for the rest of the pieces. Where To Find Rathalos Ruby Monster Hunter World You can find Rathalos in two places, but neither one is easy to get to. The first option is on high-rank expeditions. While this may be hard enough already, it’s even harder if you’re trying to farm him for his rubies. His super high-rank quest is a reward for beating the main story. While it’s not necessarily hard, there are just better ways to spend your time than farming super-high level monsters.

Monster hunter world how to get rathalos ruby

Now there is a better option than both of those, and that’s the easy way. You can go to one of two maps and farm them for rathalos ruby instead of killing them. The first place is the Deserted Island with an ecosystem level of seven or above. Rathalos likes to hang out in Area 5 and he will respawn there every time you leave the map. Just pick a high level zone, run in to rathalos, kill him, and then take off before he can burn you alive. Then just go back to the campsite and rinse and repeat as much as you want. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to grab those rubies. Where To Craft Rathalos Ruby Armor Now that you have the rubies, it’s time to make some armor. You can find this armor set in high-rank blacksmithing under the ‘other’ section of the forge. The reason I say other is because there are a ton of materials you need for just a few pieces and they all go into that same slot. Once you make the pieces, it’s time to make some Rathalos Ruby armor! What Is Rathalos Ruby In Monster Hunter World?

Rathalos Ruby is a valuable resource in Monster Hunter World

It’s the only way to get some high rank armor in Monster Hunter World. You can find it when you do expeditions in high-rank but there are easier ways to farm for it if you don’t want to bother with that. Be sure to grab two of them for one ornate chest piece and four for the rest of the set. Then just get out there and craft it! Thanks for reading our guide on What Is Rathalos Ruby In Monster Hunter World. For all your gaming needs stay tuned to!

It can be used to create some of the most powerful weapons and armor in the game

Rathalos Ruby is an item you’ll want to farm in Monster Hunter World. Rathalos are found early in the game but it’s not until much later that you can collect enough to make armor. And if you do, there are two easy ways to farm for them so read on!

What Is Rathalos Ruby In Monster Hunter World?

Rathalos is a monster in the game that supplies one of the rarest items you need to craft some high level armor. You can farm him early on but you won’t have access to the armor until much later. Two of his rubies are needed for one ornate chest piece and four of them make up the rest of the armor set!