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9 Methods To Fix Asphalt 8 Unfortunately Stopped On Android

Asphalt 8 is a popular racing game that many Android users have been playing on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, the game has stopped working on some Android devices. Here are 9 methods to fix it and get back to playing Asphalt 8 on your Android device.

The asphalt 8 new update 2020 is a game that has been released by Gameloft. Unfortunately, the game stopped working for some users. There are 9 methods to fix the issue.

Are you a gamer who enjoys playing games on your Android phone?

If you answered yes, I’d like to point you that the Google Play Store has a plethora of Android games that people like, and Asphalt 8 is one of them.

This is one of Gameloft’s most popular racing games.

It’s a popular racing game, and I’m looking forward to playing it. It has excellent visuals, and players may customize their vehicle as well as access additional features.

The hard mode is fun to play and keeps players coming back for more.

However, have you ever made a mistake when playing this game?

Many Android users have reported seeing the error message “Unfortunately, Asphalt 8 has ceased.” I’ve had the same problem, and trust me, it was very aggravating.

But don’t worry, since in this article, I’ll show you how to repair Asphalt 8 not functioning on Android phones that have sadly ceased operating.

How To Restart Asphalt 8 On Android After It Has Stopped

Many customers have complained that the game does not function properly after installing it on their phone.

Some users experienced slowness, while others saw messages such as “Unfortunately, Asphalt 8 has stopped” or “Asphalt 8 has unfortunately ceased on your Android smartphone.”

However, this issue was caused by garbage cache files, a faulty game installation, or corrupt software, among other things.

So, let’s have a look at how to get Asphalt 8 to work again on Android.

Method 1: Turn Off and On Your Android Device

The first step in resolving the issue is to restart your phone.

Restarting the phone fixes a lot of problems and bugs.

So, if you restart your phone, the Asphalt 8 issue may be resolved. This isn’t a long-term solution, but it does help you relax a little.

Method 2: Make Sure the Game File Is Completely Downloaded

If you’re downloading Asphalt 8, make sure it’s fully downloaded since it has excellent graphics.

As a result, the file size is very big, approximately 2GB. It may take a long time to download the whole game, therefore it’s crucial to double-check that all files have been downloaded.


Method 3: Make sure your network is in good shape.

I’ve noticed that when there’s a bad network, things stop working or slow. This is due to the fact that the game requires a high-quality network.

Getting an error like Asphalt 8 has regrettably halted on an Android phone is usually caused by a bad network connection and a stop in the middle.

Though the game does not need a large data pack since the whole game is downloaded, it does necessitate networking with a large number of people.

Method 4: After you’ve installed Asphalt 8, reinstall it.

If you’re still having problems, you should reinstall the game. As a result, the game will return to its previous state.

However, you need entirely erase the game’s temporary cache files and destroy them. After that, restart your phone to complete the installation.


Follow the instructions below to uninstall the game:

  • Go to the Settings menu first.
  • Now navigate to the Apps You Have Installed area.
  • There, you must choose Asphalt 8.
  • After that, choose “Uninstall” and then “OK.”

Method 5: Check to See if Your Device Has Enough Memory

Because the Asphalt 8 game is very big, you need make sure your smartphone has adequate storage capacity to run it properly. At the very least, your phone should have 3GB of RAM, and you should avoid using any background applications while playing this game.

When there isn’t enough RAM on a phone, it may cause slowness or error messages, so stay away from it.


Clear Asphalt 8 Cache Files (Method 6)

If you find that Asphalt 8 has stopped working on Android, be sure to delete the game’s cache files. Junk files are kept for a long period and may cause problems.

As a result, deleting all of the cache files will keep you error-free while playing the game. Simply go to Settings > Installed Apps > Select Asphalt 8 > then select “Clear Cache” to remove the cache files.


NOTE: Depending on your smartphone, the instructions may vary from those listed above.

Method 7: Delete Data from Asphalt 8

Following the cleaning of the game’s cache files, you should proceed to deleting the game’s data. The game will revert to its default state as a result of this action. Login data, cache files, account, database, history, and other temporary files will be deleted.

Simply go to Settings > Installed Apps > Select Asphalt 8 > then select “Remove Data” to clear data from the phone.

Method #8: Asphalt #8 Doesn’t Work

If you’re still having problems, it may be because of a compatibility issue. Yes, many games do not support your phone, and as a consequence, you are unable to play them. In this case, you should upgrade your phone and attempt to run on the most recent version possible.

Perhaps this method will assist you in returning to the game and playing without mistake. In reality, upgrading your gadget will fix a number of flaws and problems.

Method 9: Reset Your Phone To Factory Settings

When everything else fails, the final resort is to do a factory reset on the device. Only a factory reset can help you get rid of the message “Unfortunately, Asphalt has ceased” on Android.

After that, launch the game and hopefully you’ll be able to play it without any issues.


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So, in this article, I’ve covered 9 helpful ways for fixing Asphalt 8 on Android phones that have unfortunately stopped working. I’m hoping that following those steps will result in the problem notice being resolved. The solutions are also compatible with any Android smartphone.

Also, if you have any ideas or questions, please leave them in the comment area below.

You may also contact us via our social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.


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The asphalt 8 file location is the problem that many people have been experiencing. There are a few fixes for this issue, but they all require root access.

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