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Build Your Own Stadium In MLB The Show 21 From Scratch

I wrote this article in order to educate people on the finer things that can be done when it comes to owning a stadium in MLB 21. This is not an all-inclusive guide since there are many different ways of doing things, but it should cover enough ground to make life easier for you when considering this aspect of franchise mode. I am assuming that if you are reading this article, you know how to create the stadium of your choice and its dimensions.

I am not going to go super deep on all of these things since it would make for an extremely long read; I will only explain the steps for each part mentioned below. Also, some of them involve cheats (press ‘Y’ while playing) which are only to be used during the regular season so you get everything/get it done quicker.

How do you create a stadium in mlb the show 21

Before I show you how to create your stadium, there are a few things that need to be done in the MLB 21 file prior to creating it. First of all, make sure you do everything involving stadiums when playing as Franchise Mode (not exhibition). Once you complete franchise mode (and possibly Road To The Show depending on if you want to do the stadium creation in there), go to AA/AAA ball and start a new franchise. When you get to the screen with all your created players, your featured player (if chosen) will be in AAA in his proper jersey; if not chosen he will be at home wearing an entirely different jersey. You can swap out uniforms by pressing ‘Y’ while playing.

All this takes is the press of a button!*

Once you are at this screen, simply go to create player and make your stadium creator. You can then change his uniform in the very next menu when you start him for the first time (may be required if security level/sim stats are set high). Once you’ve done all of this, you can create your stadium.

*Side note: If you are not using the creator for MLB 21, then go to franchise mode and edit his stats/capabilities (under ‘player search’ for the modes that encourage editing players before your season starts). I would highly advise making all stats maxed out (99) since it is the only way to make sure everything looks right. I will not be explaining how to max out stats in this article; however, if you’d like me to do so let me know and I will create another article that covers that aspect of stadium creation.

How do you change the name/add team logos on your new stadium?

The first thing you need to do is select the front of your house. This will be the main menu for all of your stadium creation if this is how you are doing it. The first time I did this, I had way too many stadiums and therefore ended up creating a template with instructions on how to make them. I have attached a picture of what that looks like so you can save yourself time and not have to create each stadium from scratch.

Adding a stadium to your new house

In order to add a new stadium, you must first select the menu which says ‘add stadium’ and then press either where it says edit (in the middle of the screen) or where it says start (bottom left of menu). You can do either; however, I would highly suggest adding it to the start menu since you will need to add all of your other menus.


I hope this was beneficial to you since I know it is time consuming editing all of these things. Hopefully, once you have everything figured out, it becomes less tedious.