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Enhance your Cards Against Humanity experience

Expansion sets are cards that can be added to your main Cards Against Humanity game set, adding more variety and hilarity to the game. They provide an endless supply of new answers and matching questions for you and your friends to laugh about. With 10 different expansion packs currently available, there is no shortage of content available. You may even find yourself addicted and collecting them all!

Cards Against Humanity is an adult party game that has gained notoriety for its use of dark humor. The game was created in a weekend by 8 friends, who have since turned it into a wildly successful Kickstarter project and self-published beneath the name Cards Against Humanity LLC . It has been translated into several languages and can now be purchased in areas all over the world.

How Many Expansions for Cards Against Humanity

Adding an expansion set is simple and only takes a few minutes. Each one comes with a total of 100 cards split up into different categories, so it may be easiest to go in order and add one pack at a time. All you need is the base Cards Against Humanity game set to play with each expansion pack.

  • The 1st Expansion Pack – The Bigger, Blacker Box

This set includes 100 additional white cards for your game. It also contains 4 blank cards, 2 black dividers, and an instructions card.

  • The 2nd Expansion Pack – #1 & #2

This pack includes 100 new white cards. There are also 10 blank cards, 2 black dividers, and an instructions card.

  • The 3rd Expansion Pack- #1, #2, & #3

This pack includes 100 new white cards. There are also 7 more blank cards, 1 black divider, and an instructions card.

  • The 4th Expansion Pack – This pack includes 100 new white cards. There are also 5 blank cards and 1 black divider.
  • The 5th Expansion Pack – Science!

This set contains 80 white cards, 10 blue cards, 10 red cards, 10 green cards, 1 purple Sciency Words card, 1 rules card, 2 black dividers, and an instructions card.

  • The 6th Expansion Pack – Holiday Surprise!

This pack includes 100 white cards, 10 black cards, 1 divider, and an instructions card.

  • The 7th Expansion Pack – Crabs Adjust Humidity Volume 1 & 2 Combined

This pack comes with 180 white cards (two packs of 90 combined), 30 black cards (two packs of 15), 2 dividers, and an instructions card.

  • The 8th Expansion Pack – F*** Prom

This pack includes 200 white cards, 25 black cards, 1 divider, and an instructions card. It also comes with a rules sheet containing alternate rules for the game.

White Cards

We included the best cards from old expansions in this set. Much like in real life, it’s hard to have a party without some idiots.

Black Cards

One of our personal favorites in this pack is “Science has now proven that. Two things here:

1) That sentence doesn’t make any sense

2) That sentence is always true

This set was made with the intent to be played after all of your other sets, and we recommend that you do. Some cards just don’t mix well.

Expansion: Prom Night

Price: $4.95 USD

Cards Against Humanity’s First Expansion to add 113 new white cards and 20 black cards.

White Cards

The best of the prom cards written in a way that makes you laugh and shudder at the same time.

Black Cards

We took some of the most awkward experiences from our lives, turned them into funny cards, and put them in this expansion. We didn’t think things through.

Expansion: The Bigger, Blacker Box

Price: $10.00 USD

Taking the base game to a new level, this expansion adds 75 new white cards and 18 black cards to your deck.

White Cards

We drew inspiration from everywhere for these cards. Just like life, after all.

Black Cards

The best of the Bigger, Blacker Box cards, condensed into 18 black cards. Imagine that someone is saying these things to you right now and try not to panic.


Card games are a great way to get together with family and friends. What makes this card game more fun is the expansion packs that you can purchase.

These expansion packs add new cards to your deck so you have an endless supply of content for hours upon hours of entertainment. The above list is a few example of the different type of expansions available, and they can provide you with hours of entertainment.