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Fastest Way to Reset Your Pokemon Game

Most dedicated Pokemon players know the feeling—you’ve finally finished your Pokedex, you’ve caught ’em all, and there’s really nothing else left to do. We all face this eventually, but what are you supposed to do then?

Today I’m here to tell you that it is possible to enjoy the game even after completing your Pokedex! We’re going to talk about resetting your game, which is a very simple task that allows you to start all over again.

Pokemon x How to Reset Game

What You Need:

– A 3DS/2DS with Pokemon X/Y on it (duh)

– A method of transferring your data from a physical 3DS/2DS to a digital .cia file (I’ll explain below)

– An SD card reader for the PC, preferably with a microSD card adapter. This tutorial will use an 8 GB microSD with a full size SD card adapter.

– A blank .cia file

– A computer with a 3DS/2DS custom theme (optional)

– An internet connection

You’ll need to customize your ‘x’ and ‘y’ buttons in order for this tutorial to work. Here’s how:

The Transfer Process

1. Connect your 3DS/2DS to the PC using a USB cable and place it in “Charge Only” mode (you don’t need the system turned on).

2. Format your SD card (if you’re not sure how to do this, you’ll need to google it).

3. Place your SD card into your computer and make a copy of the 3DS folder on it for safekeeping. You’ll see several files in .bin format as well as a couple of folders with numbers and letters inside them. These are all of your saved games from Pokemon X/Y!

4. Remove the SD card from your computer and put it back into your 3DS/2DS. Navigate to the Pokemon X/Y folder on your system’s SD card, delete all of its contents, and then rename the “bak” folder you created during this process to “Pokemon.” You should now have a folder called “Pokemon” with some files and folders inside it on your SD card.

5. Make sure you have an internet connection and turn on wifi on your 3DS/2DS.

6. Launch the game, select “Data Management,” then select “Nintendo 3DS Link” (or something similar). This will open up a menu with “System Transfer” and your ID number (the one you’ll be using for this process, not the one on your trainer card).

7. Select “Start,” then wait while the system transfers your information to a digital .cia file. This could take a few minutes depending on how much data you have in the game.

8. Once the transfer has completed, do NOT click “Receive.” Instead, press ‘B’ to back out.

9. Press ‘Start,’ then go over to your computer and insert your SD card into it once again (if you take it out of your 3DS/2DS in between transferring data or if you get disconnected from the internet, the transfer will fail).

10. Navigate to the SD card and open up the “Nintendo 3DS” folder. Delete all of its contents, then rename your backup folder from earlier back to “Nintendo 3DS.” If you did everything correctly, there should be a folder on your computer’s desktop called “Nintendo 3DS” with all of your game’s data in .bin files inside it.

11. Open up the microSD card adapter (if you’re using one), insert the SD card into it, and place that into your computer. You should now see several folders, all of which are full of the data from your Pokemon X/Y save file. We’ll be dealing with the “03d” folder here.

12. Now, you’ll need to unzip the .rar file that you downloaded earlier. After you’ve done this, look for a couple of folders inside it called “0-prepared” and “1-extract.” Drag these folders onto your computer’s desktop (or wherever).

13. Go back into the “03d” folder on your SD card and copy all of its contents to one of the folders that you just dragged out onto your desktop.

14. Open up the .cia file you downloaded earlier with a .cia file opener (again, if you’re using an SD card adapter, make sure it’s plugged into your PC before you do this).

15. Your computer should show a folder called “0000000100000038” with two files inside it, one of which is a .txt file and the other is a large file with numbers in its name. Drag the larger .bin file onto your computer’s desktop (you may have to make an intermediary folder for it, like “0-extract”).

16. Delete all of the .bin files in the “0000000100000038” folder (you’ll see several) and drag your desktop’s .bin file into this one instead. If you did everything correctly, it should combine all of your game data into one large .bin file.