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Guardio’s Browser Extension Now Used by 1 Million People

avivbased guardio 1m tiger globallundentechcrunchCybersecurity startup Guardio, best known for its browser extension that helps protect users from fraud and scams, has grown its user base to 1 million people since launching its product less than a year ago.

This growth has been rewarded with $47 million in Series A funding, led by Tiger Global, to expand its operations and reach even more people.

Let’s take a closer look at the funding and the product.

Overview of Guardio

Guardio is a powerful browser extension that provides unprecedented online security and privacy protection. It’s easy to set up and works with your favourite web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave and Edge. With Guardio, you’ll know within seconds when a website you visit is legit or not — allowing you to navigate the web fearlessly.

The browser extension runs in the background on your computer and works with the powerful Guardio network. So when you are about to visit a website — whether it’s an unfamiliar site or one that has been reported in the past for phishing activity — Guardio will quickly scan it for any potential threats. Guardio will give you a green status icon if no threats are detected. But if any malicious activity is spotted, it will flag it with an orange-red icon and provide you with more detailed information about the website’s policy.

Since its launch in 2020, Guardio’s browser extension has been used by more than 1 million worldwide who depend on its enhanced security features. It monitors all aspects of your online activities — including usernames and passwords — You never have to worry about hackers stealing them or getting infected by any cyber threats while browsing online anymore. So why wait? Install Guardio today and feel secure every time you’re online!

Summary of its latest achievement

Guardio, a browser extension that provides security and privacy protection for web browsers, just hit one million users! This is a major milestone for the company which was founded just five years ago.

The browser extension has been praised for its ease of use, comprehensive protection, and 24/7 customer service. The tool protects users against phishing scams, malicious websites, online tracking and other online threats when browsing the internet. It runs in the background on a user’s browser so they don’t have to take any extra steps to ensure their safety. Additionally, its anonymous browsing mode ensures that users are not tracked by their ISPs or advertisers.

Guardio recently launched an app which simplifies the process of enabling protection on all devices connected to your home network like smart TVs and gaming consoles. It also includes a powerful firewall blocking malicious activities before they reach your devices.

Guardio’s one million users come from over 250 countries worldwide, showing that its popularity transcends geographical boundaries. Based on its success, Guardio is positioned as a market leader in this space with huge potential for further growth going forward!

tel guardio 1m 47m globallundentechcrunch


Cybersecurity startup Guardio recently announced the great news of reaching 1 million users in just over two years since its launch. This success led to the company raising its first funding round of $47M, led by Tiger Global.

Guardio, launched in 2018, is a browser extension that offers a suite of security tools to keep users safe from malicious sites, scams, and hackers.

History of Guardio

Guardio is a Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser extension that helps protect users from online threats like malware and phishing scams. It was created in 2016 by two Israeli entrepreneurs with over 20 years of combined experience in cyber security. The company’s mission at the time was to provide their users with a comprehensive suite of online safety tools that were easy to use and effective.

Since its launch, Guardio has quickly built up a loyal user base by offering detailed threat intelligence on websites and email links that ultimately allow users to confidently browse the web safely, knowing they are protected against malicious activity. Moreover, it detects if your computer or network is being abused by malicious actors (e.g., hackers) and provides useful tips for monitoring your security status regularly.

In 2019, Guardio entered its fifth year with over 1 million downloads across multiple platforms – making it one of the most popular solutions for online safety available today. Through continuous development and innovation Guardio strives to remain one of the leading providers of digital security services both now and into the future.

tel avivbased guardio 1m globallundentechcrunch

Overview of its products

Guardio provides an array of products and services to meet the needs of the growing population of internet users. Its offerings include:

  • An intuitive browser extension.
  • A robust Android and iOS app.
  • A comprehensive website monitoring feature.
  • A VPN service.
  • A secure cloud-based service for safely storing user data.

The browser extension from Guardio helps users stay safe on the internet by enabling them to block malicious activity as soon as it is detected. It quickly scans for suspicious links or downloads and blocks them before they are even clicked on. Additionally, it allows users to control their privacy settings more easily by providing access to all areas where personal data can be shared.

The Android and iOS app is an all-in-one tool combining malware scanning, device optimization and security boost notifications in one application. It performs extensive device scans to identify existing threats while providing real-time protection against incoming online threats. Additionally, it offers users one-click access to their security settings to quickly turn on protection when needed.

Guardio’s website monitoring feature supplies users with detailed updates on how websites use their information, allowing them to control what is shared with third parties. This includes analysing for any unauthorised changes such as tracking options or cookies that may have been installed without their knowledge.

Finally, Guardio’s service also provides added layers of privacy through its Virtual Private Network (VPN) which helps protect user data from exposure by routing through secure servers around the world when connected to public networks like WiFi hotspots or mobile phone networks. In addition to encrypting web traffic which prevents eavesdropping from malicious actors it also provides features such as malware blocking, identity cloaking and IP masking.

Cybersecurity startup Guardio, now with 1M users of its browser extension, raises its first funding: $47M led by Tiger Global

1 million users have used cybersecurity startup Guardio’s browser extension, and they have now raised their first round of funding worth $47M led by Tiger Global. This is a major step in the growth of Guardio and its technology.

Let’s look closer at the funding and what it means for Guardio.

avivbased guardio 47m tiger globallundentechcrunch

Details of the funding

Guardio, a New York based browser security startup, has raised $2.3 million in seed funding. The company said the funds will help accelerate product development and scale operations to meet growing user demand.

Guardio’s internet security browser extension provides users with real-time web protection from malware, viruses, phishing scams and other online threats. In addition, the company has developed technology that quickly scans websites for malicious activity and alerts users of potential risks before they become compromised.

This latest round of investment brings the total amount raised to date by Guardio to $4 million, attracting investors from leading venture capital firms including Canaan Partners, Corigin Ventures and IA Capital Group.

The seed funding will also allow Guardio to significantly expand its engineering and technical operations teams as it looks to grow its customer base globally from 1 million to 10 million users in 2020. In addition, Guardio plans on using the extra money generated through this series of investments towards expanding its research capabilities, accelerating innovation efforts and exploring new platform integrations with web browsers.

Impact of the funding

The success of Guardio and its browser extension, used by now one million people worldwide, can partly be attributed to the massive financial backing it has received since its inception. Since its original seed funding round of $3 million in 2018, Guardio has consistently secured successive rounds of investment totaling $12.45 million from notable venture capitalists and media investors such as Runa Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. This impactful influx of money has enabled the company to expand far beyond the accessible resources of just a couple of years ago, enabling them to rapidly build a secure platform that can protect users without compromising their privacy.

With access to a much larger talent pool, the company can hire more developers with expertise in encryption, machine learning and mobile development that provide enterprise-level cyber-security solutions. They can also provide extra security features such as secure login systems and other sophisticated measures that protect against malware infections by constructing a secure wall between their users and hostile actors on the internet.

Moreover, this influx of cash also allowed for further innovation through The Sandbox – a powerful sandboxed environment for isolating websites from each other, released in late 2019. This new feature is instrumental in identifying malicious behaviour or potentially harmful software before it can spread or cause damage – providing even greater security for Guardio’s 1 million users worldwide.


Cybersecurity startup Guardio recently announced that one million people now use their browser extension. This success enabled Guardio to raise their first funding of $47 million led by Tiger Global.

With this expansion, Guardio looks to further develop their products and services to make the online world safer for many users.

Plans for the new funding

With its recent success, Guardio is now well-positioned to capitalise on the new funding it has raised. The team has laid out a few key goals for the next phase in the company’s growth:

1. Strengthen product innovation by increasing spending on R&D and bolstering their engineering team.

2. Expand their user base by refining product features and increasing marketing spend, resulting in more organic growth.

3. Invest in the community, focusing on building strong relationships with customers and providing dedicated support to ensure they receive the best experience possible while using Guardio’s browser extension.

These plans provide an exciting roadmap that allows Guardio to continue to drive success and fulfil its mission to provide superior internet security protection for millions of everyday web users worldwide.

Impact of the new funding

The new funding milestone has had a tremendous impact on the development of Guardio and its browser extension, which 1 million people across the globe now use. With the extra funding and support, Guardio can invest in better infrastructures, hire even more talented engineers, product managers and marketers and work hard on the features that will make its browser extension one of the most secure in the industry. In addition, by leveraging these resources, Guardio can anticipate rolling out new features faster while improving product development processes.

The additional capital has also enabled Guardio to expand onto several new platforms including MacOS, Edge, Safari and Firefox desktop versions and Android phones. This expanded reach gives users access to a much larger selection of devices supported by the same unique browser extension that provides powerful protection for their online privacy. Thanks to this funding milestone, it’s now easier than ever for more users to benefit from enhanced security surrounding their web browsing activities.


Cybersecurity startup Guardio has announced the success of its browser extension, reaching 1 million users. This marks a huge milestone for the startup, further demonstrated by their recent $47 Million funding round led by Tiger Global.

This funding and user growth significantly impact the cybersecurity world and indicate a bright future for the company.

Impact of Guardio’s success

The success of Guardio’s browser extension speaks volumes about the growing importance of online protection and identity theft prevention. With the rise of more sophisticated cybercrime, users increasingly need to take greater responsibility for safeguarding their information and data.

Guardio has become a go-to solution for people who seek a simple and powerful way to protect their online activity from cybercriminal activity such as phishing, malware and spyware threats. The product’s popularity indicates how deeply users prioritise internet security in their everyday lives.

Moreover, by reaching 1 million users in such a short time, Guardio has set an example for other companies looking to make an imprint in the technological space. Their achievements inspire other players while emphasising the need to develop groundbreaking technology that meets customer expectations about user-friendly features and optimal performance.

The immense traction gained by Guardio thus far reinforces the idea that users are willing to invest time and resources to protect themselves against fraudulent activities that may otherwise go unnoticed. With continued improvement in this space, companies like Guardio have had a huge impact on raising awareness and positively changing user practices with regard to internet safety measures.

Implications for cybersecurity startups

The impressive milestone of one million users for Guardio’s browser extension represents a significant step forward in cybersecurity startups. The success achieved by Guardio showcases the value-driven approach taken by a wide range of cybersecurity companies. In addition, it offers inspiration to other firms in the industry who are looking to make their mark.

There is a growing demand for robust, user-friendly online security measures, as increasingly more everyday activities occur in digital spaces. By effectively reaching out to and engaging with potential customers, Guardio has shown that it is possible to pivot into new market segments and successfully deliver on expectations, building trust and brand advocacy.

As cybersecurity becomes increasingly essential across all aspects of our lives, we can expect other like-minded firms to follow suit and strive towards similar success within their niches and verticals. With 1 million users already onboard, Guardio’s journey provides ample insight into valuable tactics that can be implemented to achieve rapid scale. Through thoughtful partnerships, efficient marketing spend optimizations and agile product development approaches, other promising startups can leverage similar strategies for long-term growth as well.

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