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Guardio’s Cybersecurity Browser Extension Used by 1M+

tel guardio 1m globallundentechcrunchTel Aviv-based Guardio, which offers a cybersecurity browser extension used by 1M+, just announced a new funding round – $47M led by Tiger Global.

With the new funding, Guardio aims to expand its services in providing users with more secure online experiences. Guardio provides web security services for users, real-time alerts and multi-level protection against malicious websites.

This article will deeply dive into Guardio’s cybersecurity browser extension and why it has become so popular among users.

Overview of Tel Aviv-based Guardio

Guardio is a comprehensive cybersecurity browser extension used by over 1 million people worldwide to protect their online activity from malicious threats.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Guardio was established in 2015 to make digital security easier and accessible to all users. For this purpose, the Guardio team created an intuitive and effective lightweight Web browser add-on that protects users’ online activity and data across multiple platforms – PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Guardio offers a proactive approach to digital security, with features such as automated malware detection, multi-layer authentication process, secure browsing alert system and phishing identification tools. Furthermore, with access to millions of websites (despite its small size!), Guardio ensures that your personal information remains safe on all devices for any online activities – thanks to its secure connection tunnel – even when you are using public Wi-Fi networks or using unfamiliar networks with inadequate security measures.

Furthermore, Guardio’s User Protection services extend beyond the traditional anti-virus solutions. The comprehensive suite of features includes Digital Privacy Protection & Anonymity (detection of malicious tracking systems & ad-blocking) as well as Personal Identity Protection – an advanced security measure that notifies users whenever personal information (like credit card details or passwords) is detected on a website where it doesn’t belong.

Description of Guardio’s cybersecurity browser extension

Guardio is a powerful cybersecurity browser extension that provides comprehensive malware and security protection against the various threats present on the internet. It was designed to focus on ease of use, so even novice users can benefit from its advanced security capabilities. For example, with one click of a button, Guardio will scan every website you visit and alert you if it finds any indication of malicious activity.

Guardio is equipped with multiple layers of defence to protect users and their devices against viruses, ransomware, phishing attacks, online fraud, identity theft, data breaches and more. In addition, the extension runs in the background with minimal system impact so it does not slow down your browsing experience. Beyond the standard anti-malware protection layer, Guardio also provides additional features such as safe browsing warnings when accessing potentially dangerous websites or clicking suspicious links and offers constant monitoring for vulnerable websites or applications.

Using Guardio also gives you peace of mind when shopping or finances online because it automatically compares prices across different retailers to help you find the best deals available and offers real-time alerts for any changes in your credit score. In addition, Guardio’s browser extension makes browsing the web safer by providing an extra shield between you and cyber criminals!

tel avivbased guardio 47m globallundentechcrunch


Tel Aviv-based Guardio, which offers a cybersecurity browser extension used by 1M+ users, has raised $47M in fresh funding led by Tiger Global.

The round also included participation from existing investors in the company, including Battery Ventures and Gefen Capital. This brings the total raised by Guardio to date to $51M.

Details of Guardio’s $47M funding round

Guardio, a browser extension offering cybersecurity protection to over one million users, recently secured its $47M Series B funding round. The funding round was led by C5 Capital, with participation from existing investors Y Combinator and Aleph.

The investment marks the largest Series B in Israel’s history and will be used to fuel the company’s expansion into the U.S. market, further develop Guardio’s product offerings, and increase its team size.

In addition to this recent Series B round, Guardio has also raised a total of $18M in several previous funding rounds — a Series A in December 2019 for $13M led by Aleph; a Pre-Series A seed round of $3M two years earlier; plus additional angel investments since 2017 when the company was founded. This brings Guardio’s total raised to date to approximately $65 million.

This record-setting investment marks an important milestone for the company’s growth and vision of fighting digital crime and identity theft on behalf of its users worldwide.

Lead investor Tiger Global

Guardio is proud to announce that Tiger Global, a prominent venture capital firm, led its most recent round of funding. The investment brings Guardio’s total funding to over $40 million and signals a commitment to the continued growth of the company and its mission to provide world-class cybersecurity solutions.

This latest round follows previous investments from Slackender Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Sistema Venture Capital, Plug and Play Ventures, Entree Capital, and BOLDStart Ventures. The investment will enable Guardio to develop its innovative approach to consumer browser security products, such as its unique anti-phishing feature that helps users stay secure online.

By investing in Guardio’s Internet Protection Suite — which includes award-winning browser extensions — Tiger Global has evidenced a trust in the company’s ability to keep users safe while they browse the web. With this new influx of funds, Guardio looks forward to expanding their product offering with more features and services while maintaining their goal of providing the highest level of cybersecurity available today.

tel avivbased guardio tiger globallundentechcrunch

Tel Aviv-based Guardio, which offers a cybersecurity browser extension used by 1M+, raises $47M led by Tiger Global (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)

Tel Aviv-based Guardio, which offers a cybersecurity browser extension used by 1M+, recently raised $47M led by Tiger Global. This injection of funding signals the impact Guardio is making on the cybersecurity landscape.

With an additional influx of money to fund their product development, Guardio is positioned to continue making a bigger impact on online security.

Benefits of the browser extension

Guardio’s browser extension provides unparalleled proactive cybersecurity protection for its users. By combining sophisticated technology with innovative threat detection models and active cloud-based security, Guardio can provide top-level protection from malicious activity and cyber threats.

The extension has four main benefits that make it a valuable addition to your security toolbox:

1. Multi-layer protection: The extension provides multiple layers of defence against threats by monitoring multiple areas of the user’s system and web traffic. This coupled with heuristic analysis and behavioural profiling of user behaviours means that potential threats can be identified before they become an issue.

2. Advanced threat detection: Through AI models and cloud-based analysis, Guardio can detect even the most advanced online threats before they cause damage to users’ systems or data. This includes ransomware, phishing attacks, browser hijacking attempts, etc., all detected in real time as soon as they are attempted.

3. Flexible settings: Users can configure the extension to their needs and specific domains or webpages needing extra security scrutiny. This gives users complete control over their browsing experience and can be done quickly with minimal effort or technical knowledge required.

4. Total security visibility: With detailed reports generated by the extension itself, users gain visibility into potential threats faced while browsing the web so they can take steps to mitigate them in real time if necessary. This is especially valuable when a user has been targeted by a malicious actor or is accessing sensitive data on an insecure website or network connection – issues which are flagged instantly upon detection by Guardio’s browser extension and reported back to the user so they can take action if necessary.

tel avivbased guardio 47m tiger globallundentechcrunch

How the funding will help Guardio reach 1M+ users

Guardio’s mission is to make the web a safer place for everyone. The pre-seed funding that the company has received will help them reach their goal of reaching 1 million users. In addition, this funding will be used to expand their product development and bring their vision of safer browsing to more people worldwide.

Guardio’s mobile app and browser extension allow users to browse the web in peace, knowing that using their software is like having an “always-on” cybersecurity specialist protecting them from malicious websites, phishing attempts and ransomware attacks. With this extra capital, they can now make further improvements to their technology and customer service offerings, expand into new markets, and offer further incentives for existing users such as loyalty program rewards or discounts on products & services associated with cybersecurity (e.g., VPNs).

Moreover, utilising their technology more effectively via additional marketing efforts will help Guardio spread awareness of safe online browsing practices across social media channels while expanding customer support operations to better accommodate users’ needs by offering multiple methods of contact (phone, text, email). With a larger user base, Guardio will have the necessary data needed for research & development endeavours to ensure they stay ahead of cybercriminals who may utilise AI & Machine Learning to develop increasingly sophisticated hacks or malware attacks.

Overall, this additional funding allows Guardio to better equip themselves with the tools needed for meeting user expectations faster while also creating new opportunities for development in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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