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How to Install Adobe Reader on Chromebook in 2 Easy Ways

With Chromebooks on the rise, there are more users than ever who need to install Adobe Reader. In this post we walk you through two easy ways of installing it!

Adobe Reader is a free and open source software application for opening, viewing, editing and printing PDF documents. It can also be used to view most other document formats like XPS and DjVu with the appropriate plug-ins. The app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS.

How to Install Adobe Reader on Chromebook in 2 Easy Ways

The Adobe Acrobat Reader program is the industry standard for reading, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. You may administer the document management system and examine the papers in real time. You get the finest PDF reading experience when you use the liquid mode. Furthermore, the app supports dark mode, allowing you to shield your eyes while still conserving battery life. You can easily fill out PDF forms using the Adobe Reader software, and you can even E-sign papers with your finger or pen. You can also use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and share Google Drive files, and you can link your Google Drive account to access PDF files. Acrobat is now the whole PDF environment, with desktop, mobile applications, Chromebooks, and the web all supported. This post will teach you how to install Adobe Reader on a Chromebook.


Installing Adobe Reader on a Chromebook

We’ve covered two techniques for installing Adobe Reader on a Chromebook in this article.

From the Google Play Store

If your Chromebook is running Chrome OS version 53 or above, you may download Adobe Reader from the Play Store. To begin, you must first activate the Google Play Store on your Chromebook. Follow the procedures outlined below to do so.

1. Click on the Account icon, then the Settings icon.

2. Then, on your Chromebook, choose the option to Enable Google Play Store.

3. Next, choose Get Started and accept the terms and conditions by clicking I agree.

4. Finally, click Accept after selecting the Sign In option.

Follow the steps outlined below to install Adobe Reader on your Chromebook after it has been enabled.

1. Open the Play Store app from the Chromebook’s launcher.

2. Type Adobe Reader into the search field and hit the Enter key.

3. From the search results, choose Adobe Acrobat Reader.

4. To install the app on your Chromebook, click Install.


5. To use the program, click Open when it has been installed.

6. Adobe Acrobat Reader is now available on your Chromebook.

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As a Chrome Plugin

This approach may be used to install the Adobe Reader program on an older Chromebook model.

1. On your Chromebook, launch the Chrome browser.

2. In the address bar, type Adobe Reader and hit Enter.

3. Next, go to Adobe Acrobat’s official Chrome Web Store link.

4. Click the Add to Chrome button.


5. In the pop-up window that displays, click the Add extension button.


6. After installing the extension, you may use it to read and display all PDF files on your Chromebook.

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Last Thoughts

Adobe Acrobat Reader is offered in two versions: a free version and a paid version. The commercial edition of the software has a lot more functions than the free version, such as producing PDF files from documents or photos, compressing PDF files, password-protecting PDF files, and so on. Along with these tools, you may change text and graphics right on the PDF. Use this guide to correctly install Acrobat Reader on your Chromebook. It explains how to install the program in detail. Still, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments section.

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Adobe Reader is a free and open source software application for reading, viewing, editing and printing PDF documents. The “chromebook pdf reader” is an easy way to install Adobe Reader on Chromebook in 2 easy ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Adobe Reader in Chrome?

A: You can find the website in Google Chrome and click on Get Adobe Reader. Then you will see a download link to get your free copy of AdobeReader.

Can I install Adobe Acrobat Reader on Chromebook?

A: Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on the Chromebook by default. You need to download and install it from the Chrome Web Store yourself.

How do I install Adobe reader step by step?

A: To install Adobe Reader, open the App Store on your device and search for reader. Once this has been done, tap to download.

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