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Join the best group of six players

Torghast: Tower of the Damned is an Actual Play (AP) podcast that follows multiple player characters through their adventures in Dungeons, and Dragons 5th Edition. Each episodes features character voices, sound effects, and music to add immersion to players’ tabletop gameplay sessions.

  •  The Torghast is a tower of the damned, infested with demons and other foul creatures.
  • At the very bottom, a portal to another plane of existence has been opened and pours demon-spawn into our world.
  • The tower is built with 12 floors – each floor representing one of the planes in which demons reside; and each cursed room filled with all sorts of monstrosities and traps. Players explore the tower as they search for powerful artifacts and relics to send demons back where they belong.

The group consists of six players:

-Ace the Halfling Bard (played by Dwayne)

-Ezreal the Human Ranger (played by Nick)

-Karina the Tiefling Warlock (played by Maggie) -Ulfgar the Dwarf Fighter (played by Joey)

-Salvador the Human Monk (played by Brian)

-Wedge the Elf Wizard (played by Brian)

And their Dungeon Master:  Bobby. Viewers can listen along as we play Dungeons and Dragons, and experience what it is like to be a player of this classic tabletop roleplaying game!

A map will show you how to get there.

The village of Blackhelm is located along the road that leads to Kordmore. It’s where you need to go for supplies, provisions, and other important matters before venturing too far into The Torghast tower.

Where is runecarver shadowlands?

  • The runecarver shadowlands is the final resting place of a great prophet and seer. In his lifetime, he crafted countless runes that allow adventurers to gain advantage in battle against demons and other creatures from another plane.
  • However, these runes can only be accessed once a portal has been opened by defeating all the denizens on the 12th floor of the Torghast tower.
  • To reach this place, continue west from Blackhelm until you come upon a fork in the road. Turn right onto a dirt path that leads into a forest with nothing but dead trees – thorny bushes and vines grow all over them. Travel through the forest until you come upon a small clearing. Let’s hope you’ve got some sickles and pruning hooks!
  • The runecarver shadowlands is what lies beyond that clearing, but you’ll need to brave those dead trees first!

Why is it called “Tower of the Damned” anyway?

The tower was built long ago by a cult of dark priests. They conducted horrific rituals that left the land barren and blighted, and it is said to be a cursed place where demons arise from the depths below.

It’s a place you don’t want to spend any more time than necessary – the longer you stay, the higher chance you have of being infected by the taint of demons.

The name, “Tower of the Damned” suits it perfectly!

A brief history of the Torghast

Long ago, dark priests built a tall tower of stone and wood deep within the forests of Kordmore.

Using their powers to summon demons from beyond, they conducted horrific rituals that left the land barren and blighted. When many of these dark priests had been there long enough, they themselves morphed into monsters living in the depths below.

Eventually, the priests disappeared one by one and left the Torghast tower abandoned for many years.

Until now…

It is said that a portal to another plane of existence has been opened on the 12th floor of the Torghast Tower. The most powerful demons have risen from this place and they are spilling into our world.


With the immediate threat of demons escalating, it is up to brave heroes to venture into the depths of the Torghast tower. Even though this mission may seem impossible at first- it will benefit everyone if these evil beings are banished back where they belong.

The demon’s portal must be closed before more can come through!

Good luck adventurers