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Samsung Pay Rewards: All you need to know

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service that allows you to pay for goods and services without pulling out your wallet. It’s simple, it’s easy, and there are plenty of ways to unlock rewards with Samsung Pay.

The “how to use samsung pay voucher” is a feature that Samsung Pay offers. It allows users to earn rewards for using the service. The article will go over how to use this feature and what rewards you can get.



One of the most popular tap-to-pay mobile payment systems is Samsung Pay. It works with non-NFC terminals, such as LG, which is a distinct benefit. Samsung, which is in the top three for tap-to-pay systems, also gives prizes for using Samsung Pay. This is similar to the Bank Rewards program for their credit cards, and Samsung Pay Rewards are similar. You may take use of these reward points to save money since, unlike credit cards, you don’t have to pay a large fee to use them. You will only be rewarded.

Here’s how to get Samsung Pay Rewards and utilize them:

What are the steps to earning Samsung Pay Rewards?

There are a few different methods to get the reward points.

Transactions earn you points.

The total number of transactions Points for Reward
9 Initial Transactions  1 Point
ten to nineteen transactions 2 Points
Transactions: 20-50 3 Points

The most crucial thing to remember is that you may only earn 50 purchases every month, and the amount of purchases resets every month. You may really earn about 100 reward points this way.

Promotional Offers are a great way to get your name out there.

Samsung collaborates with a variety of businesses to provide promotional deals that allow users to earn prizes. All you have to do now is locate the appropriate promotional offer and register for it. When you use the Samsung Pay app to purchase gift cards, you get points. For example, you may get 2,000 points by linking your Samsung Pay account to Lyft.

Samsung products are available for purchase.

This is by far the simplest and most effective way. Simply go to and purchase TVs, phones, or accessories to earn up to four points each dollar spent.

a few actions

Samsung may sometimes give you points for doing something as easy as choosing Samsung Browser as your preferred browser. These are uncommon, although they do appear from time to time and are quite simple to capture.

Purchase Reward Points

Yes, you read it correctly. The Samsung Pay app allows you to practically purchase reward points. Despite the fact that we do not recommend this strategy, it is one of the methods to earn Reward Points.

The only approach that works is purchasing items from and earning points in quantity. These are obviously offers designed to get customers to purchase additional products and promote their app. However, if you are able to accumulate a significant number of reward points, you may utilize them to your advantage.

How to Make the Most of Your Samsung Reward Points

It may be used via the Samsung Pay app.

Open the app, scroll down to the Me area at the bottom, and touch the Redeem Points choices. There are two options here. The first is the Chance to Win option. This is similar to a series of competitions that vary on a regular basis. In ten-point increments, you spend points to gain entries. It turns a wheel to check whether you are the winner. The number of times you may play is unlimited. If you don’t have a lot of points, this is an excellent option. You may absolutely try your luck here if you have a tiny amount of reward points.

The second option is to use a coupon code to redeem your reward points. You may exchange your reward points for actual money here. The list of items does not vary much, and the most of them are Samsung devices. For 6,000 points, you can acquire an S-Pen, 16,000 points for a wireless charger, or 20,000 points for a Galaxy Fit.

Purchase Apps, Games, and Themes from the Galaxy Store and Galaxy Themes with them.

This is a more enjoyable method of use reward points. You may use your reward points to purchase items like as apps and games from the Galaxy Store, as well as themes, icons, backdrops, and AOD themes from the Galaxy Themes. Simply go to the premium item you want to buy, click the pricing button, and when the payment options appear, pick Use Discounts and then Samsung Rewards to complete the transaction. Both Galaxy Store and Galaxy Themes operate on a two-percentage-point basis. For example, a $2.49 item will need 498 points. The crucial element to remember is that reward points cannot be used to make in-app purchases.

The primary purpose of these incentives is to get consumers to purchase more items and spend more money. So think carefully and intelligently with your money.



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The “samsung rewards points hack” is a tool that allows users to earn Samsung Pay Rewards. This tool can be used on rooted devices, but it has been reported that the app may not work on all Android phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Samsung Pay reward points?

A: Samsung Pay rewards points are primarily used for digital content, primarily games. You can also use them to purchase in-app items on select PS4 titles if they have a dedicated store or offer discounts with your points at certain levels.

Does Samsung Pay give rewards?

A: Samsung Pay doesnt give rewards since its a payment platform, not a loyalty program.

Do Samsung Pay rewards expire?

A: Samsung Pay does not offer a rewards program.

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