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How to Use WeTransfer to Send Files Quickly

WeTransfer was designed to make it easy for businesses and individuals to send files around the world. The site allows users to create unique file-sharing links that can be used on social media sites like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram as well as email clients like Gmail. We also recently launched a new tool called Send (We)Texts which lets you share your location with friends or family using text messages

WeTransfer is an easy to use file sharing platform that lets you quickly share files with friends and family. The platform has a wide variety of features, including the ability to send multiple attachments at once or schedule your transfers in advance.WeTransfer is a free service that allows users to send files quickly. Users can upload their documents, photos, and videos through the app or website. The only downside of WeTransfer is that it does not allow for file transfer between devices. Read more in detail here: we transfer.

Are you unsure how to use WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is one of the most popular online file sharing services in the world, allowing you to share huge files rapidly. It’s especially handy for individuals who need to distribute files quickly, such as instructors and pupils.

You may wonder why we don’t transmit huge files through Google Drive, Dropbox, or anything similar. Those are quite beneficial. However, you may be in a public area, such as school, where you do not have access to such accounts. WeTransfer is an excellent option in this instance.

The greatest part is that it doesn’t need a login or password, which means you don’t have to register to transfer files!

Let’s look at how to utilize Wetransfer now.

What is Wetransfer and How Do I Use It?

To get started with sending your files, go to

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be asked to pick between a FREE and a premium account, and you’ll be sent to a simplified web page where you may upload your files. It’s really tidy and simple to use.


You may exchange files up to 2GB in size with the FREE account. If you have a file larger than 2GB, you’ll need to pay for a 20GB WeTransfer account.

All you have to do now is click “Add your files” to be sent to your local storage.


After you’ve uploaded your files, you may transmit them using one of WeTransfer’s two choices.

  1. Send email transfer: You may use this option to send your files to another email address or to send them more directly. To send them instantly, all you have to do is input the recipient’s email address and your own. You may also leave a note for the receiver.
  2. Get a transfer link: This option will provide you with a unique link to your files. As a result, after you’ve shared the URL with others, they’ll be able to download your files.


Wetransfer’s pro edition includes sophisticated capabilities such as making your files ephemeral and deleting them after a week or days of your choosing, as well as setting up a password for files.

If you use the free version, however, your data will be destroyed after one week. So, when you’ve shared your files with your audience, they may immediately download them by previewing them like this.


So, what are your thoughts on WeTransfer? I really appreciate WeTransfer, and I’ve been using it instead of Google Drive most of the time. The snappy UI is excellent and makes it simple to use.

WeTransfer, don’t forget to share this with your friends so they may learn about it. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!


WeTransfer is a free online file transfer service that allows users to send large files quickly. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any downloads or installation. Reference: we transfer uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make WeTransfer upload faster?

A: You can make WeTransfer upload faster by turning it off, then on again.

What is the fastest way to transfer files?

A: The fastest way to transfer files would be through a USB 3.0 or higher connection, as it will have the best transfer speeds. If you only have an older 2.0 port, then try plugging in your device into a network LAN adapter instead of directly into the computers ports and see if that helps with transferring data faster than before.

How long does WeTransfer take to send files?

A: It should be quick, but it depends on the speed of your internet connection.

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