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The Importance Of Local Support When Using Cloud Services

When you are choosing a cloud services provider, one of the key factors you need to consider is technical support. What level of support will your cloud partner be able to provide, and how responsive will this support be? If you are based in Australia, will the company you choose be able to provide an efficient support service when you need it most? To answer these questions, you need to consider not just the type of company you will be dealing with but the location of their physical servers and their technical support staff too.

Bigger is Often Better When it Comes to Local Customer Service

If you are looking for a cloud company that offers first-class technical assistance in Australia, one of the big three service providers is probably going to be your best option. Organizations such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have the resources, the local infrastructure, and the expertise to provide timely technical assistance to business and public sector customers across the country. But if you know what you are doing, is it really that important to have local technical support that is available during normal business hours?

The Benefits of Local Technical Support to Australian Organizations

Whether you have a team of in-house specialists or rely on third-party experts to manage your cloud migration and subsequent operations, there are several reasons to choose a company with local support engineers and cloud servers in Australia.

Faster Response Times

If your technical support zone is in a completely different time zone, you may find yourself having to wait a day or more for answers to simple technical queries. A locally-based support team, on the other hand, can provide more timely service, helping your cloud management and development teams to avoid unnecessary delays.

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Better Performance

A cloud platform with a global content delivery network that includes Australian-based servers will ensure that your applications and services deliver outstanding performance, even at the busiest times of the day. A local cloud services provider may have some Australian servers in their network, but they are unlikely to have the same reach as a larger organization.

Local Knowledge

Australian-based support engineers will have experienced the type of problems you face on a daily basis and will be familiar with the local working culture. Because of this, they will be able to understand your needs more easily than a support team that is based on the other side of the world.

The Faster Roll-out of Upgrades and Security Patches

When you release security patches and upgrades for your cloud applications, they will be propagated across your network more quickly if you choose a cloud platform with local servers.

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The location of your cloud technical support team and the servers on which your apps and services run may not seem of great importance when you are evaluating what each cloud services provider has to offer. However, a cloud platform that comes with Australian tech support and cloud servers could make life much easier for your in-house IT team.