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How to Watch YouTube TV on a MacBook

apple tv” is a mac-based streaming device that allows users to watch YouTube TV on their MacBook. The “apple tv” will also allow users to access other apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

Whether you make a living from YouTube videos or use the site as your primary source for entertainment, it’s hard to deny its popularity. But now that YouTube TV is here, how can we watch on our computers? Find out in this short tutorial.

On a MacBook, the YouTube TV app isn’t accessible to download. Furthermore, the Safari web browser is now unsupported. While the possibilities for watching YouTube TV on a MacBook are restricted, there are some alternatives, such as using a different browser or utilizing AirPlay.


In the United States, YouTube TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming services. There will be occasions when customers wish to watch on devices other than their smart TV or living room streaming player, especially as the number of members continues to grow. In general, YouTube TV supports a broad range of devices, albeit this does not imply that it supports all platforms and devices.

YouTube TV is accessible on both the iPhone and iPad in Apple’s ecosystem. As a result, anybody with an iOS mobile device may use the service, even if they are not at home. When you’re at home, YouTube TV now has an Apple TV app that caters to Apple ecosystem customers. YouTube TV does not presently enable streaming via a MacBook app or the Safari browser, despite being widely accessible on many Apple devices.


Using a browser on a MacBook to watch YouTube TV

Most MacBook users would anticipate to be able to go to and start streaming since there is no software available for download from the Mac App Store. Safari, on the other hand, is not yet supported. While it’s unclear if YouTube TV will ever support Safari, the YouTube TV help site does indicate that “we’re planning to offer YouTube TV to additional browsers in the future.”

YouTube TV mobile, tablet, laptopThe browser support for YouTube TV is restricted.

As a result, MacBook owners will need to think about another means to watch YouTube TV on their Mac. Using a new browser is one of the simplest options. YouTube TV is compatible with Google’s Chrome browser, as one would expect from a Google-owned business. Safari is now open., go to the Chrome download page, install the Mac version, and follow the on-screen steps to download Chrome on your MacBook.

On a MacBook, here’s how to install Chrome:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to for more information.
  3. Select ‘Download Chrome for Mac’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Open the Downloads directory.
  5. Open the file ‘googlechrome.dmg’.
  6. Choose Chrome from the drop-down menu.
  7. Follow the directions on the screen.
  8. Add the Chrome icon to the Applications folder by dragging it there.
  9. Finder is now open.
  10. Next to Google Chrome, click the ‘Eject’ option.
  11. Navigate to the Applications folder.
  12. Chrome is now open.

Mozilla’s Firefox is another browser alternative for individuals who don’t want to use Chrome. Chrome and Firefox are the only browsers that are officially supported right now.

Using AirPlay on a MacBook, you can watch YouTube TV.

AirPlay is another alternative for MacBook users. AirPlay, as most Apple users are undoubtedly aware, enables content to be streamed from one Apple device to another. This includes the ability to mirror an iPhone to a MacBook with the use of a third-party program.

iPhone MacBook AirPlayAirPlay allows you to broadcast content between your Apple devices.

Because a YouTube TV app for iPhone (or iPad) is available in the Program Store, iOS users may download the app and use a macOS application like Reflector to mirror their screen to the MacBook. While not ideal, it is a viable alternative for individuals who do not want to use an alternative browser.

Reflector, for example, turns a MacBook into an AirPlay receiver. The screen of an iPhone may be reflected to a MacBook using Reflector in the same manner that an iPhone can mirror the display to any other AirPlay-enabled device.


Mirroring an iPhone to a MacBook is simple.

  1. Swipe down on your iPhone to access the Control Center (older models may require a swipe up)
  2. Select AirPlay or Screen Mirroring from the menu.
  3. Choose the MacBook.
  4. Mirroring should be enabled.

Another alternative for mirroring is to connect the iPhone via cable to a MacBook and then utilize the iPhone as a source for QuickTime on the Mac computer. This is perhaps the least comfortable method since it necessitates keeping an iPhone attached to the MacBook, but it is a viable choice when necessary.

Summary of Watching YouTube TV on a MacBook

YouTube TV is not accessible on the MacBook through a separate macOS program or the Safari browser. MacBook users, on the other hand, may watch YouTube TV using the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Installing the iOS software on an iPhone or iPad and mirroring the screen to a MacBook is also an option for MacBook users. One of two methods may be used to accomplish this. The first is to use QuickPlay by physically attaching the iOS device to the MacBook using a wire. Another approach is to use a program like Reflector to convert the MacBook to an AirPlay receiver and broadcast YouTube TV to it wirelessly.

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The “watch youtube tv on safari” is a great way to watch YouTube TV on your MacBook. The process is simple and quick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch YouTube TV on my laptop?

A: Yes, you can watch YouTube TV on your laptop. You just need to install a VPN first and then setup the app.

How can I watch TV on my MacBook?

A: The best way to watch TV on a MacBook is with an over-the-air antenna or by using your computers built in tuner.

How do I get YouTube TV on my computer?

A: To watch YouTube TV on your computer, follow these steps.
1) Download and install the latest version of Chrome or Firefox from Google Play Store if you havent already
2) Open the browser to any website such as
3) If prompted by a security warning about opening an unknown site, click allow to proceed with the installation

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